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Yeah, outta the blue.

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I mean, that's what spergs do.

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I gave you an invite to the TRSLG did you get it

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I will check

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Austism intensifies.

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Going to be honest, really doubt it goes that deep. Just an awful painter who didn't want to do a full job.

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I do too, but with paged like Neon Revolt and /pol/ the tinfoil posting is limitless.

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It is a very strange, ugly panting by a strange ugly person who apparently does hate huwite piypo.

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Also, look closely. He has six fingers on his right hand. The fuck is that?

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Me thinks that dude is in va.

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Just had a thought

Dating is a terrible system for building families, it was invented by homos so they could run around and emulate normal people. We need to eradicate it if we want to promote white families.

2018-02-13 21:36:25 UTC  

Not that we will, but in an ideal world.

2018-02-13 21:36:43 UTC  

Arranged marriages should be the norm boys

2018-02-13 21:38:06 UTC  

Got a sister?

2018-02-13 21:38:17 UTC  

I think courting women to make sure there's some semblance of bearable-ness in the proposed relationship has been the norm for most of history as well. It's somewhere between dating and arranged marriages.

2018-02-13 21:38:36 UTC  

Dating is fine, "dating" twenty people and fucking all of them is not.

2018-02-13 21:39:10 UTC  

Courting is good, making sure a woman is fit for marriage is good.

2018-02-13 21:39:15 UTC  

Idk if "dating" is really a defined system of finding mates like arranged marriages is. Meeting a woman several times before deciding to start a family with her is kind of a good idea.

2018-02-13 21:39:22 UTC  

Fucking someone and living with them for a year isn't for fun isn't.

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Arranged, blind marriages, state enforced by the age of 17 by means of a randomized, national lottery of all citizens.

2018-02-13 21:40:53 UTC  

I thought we were going to breed based on genetics?

2018-02-13 21:41:35 UTC  

It was an over-the-top parody of something Ron said. Don't put too much thought into it.

2018-02-13 21:42:36 UTC  

Folks will be making families based on personal compatibility, the will of the families, namely mothers and fathers, involved, and probably other things like faith and local culture. The thing about all that stuff is that it just happens if there's not a big, overbearing destructive cultural sledgehammer messing it all up.

2018-02-13 21:43:04 UTC  

I agree with arranging marriages within the movement, and having a young lad court a young lass to ensure they wont murder eachother a year into living together.

2018-02-13 21:43:57 UTC  

Lol and dowries.

2018-02-13 21:44:36 UTC  

10 sheep, 2 cattle, a car and ar15 for me gurl. Also defeat me in hand to hand combat.

2018-02-13 21:44:52 UTC  

I would counter-signal arranged marriages until some form of return to traditional society or the formation of close knit communities allowed this to be feasible. Otherwise, I have no issue with dating but I do have issues with the levels of promescuity and degeneracy in modern dating, including dating apps. and hookup culture.

2018-02-13 21:46:03 UTC  

Arranged marriage is definitely a culture thing.

2018-02-13 21:46:27 UTC  

To state enforce it would be silly.

2018-02-13 21:46:48 UTC  

Bros, just bring back the father having the last say.

2018-02-13 21:46:55 UTC  

Easy peasy.

2018-02-13 21:47:25 UTC  

@southland We're already on the arranged marriage thing

2018-02-13 21:50:16 UTC  

Lol. You say that like a deep rooted feminism isnt instilled into every woman from birth. It needs to be done, but dismantling the female psychology is definitely not easy.

2018-02-13 21:50:48 UTC  

Its literally a war. Ive been honing my psychological knowledge, and tactics for that purpose.