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2018-02-20 06:20:38 UTC  

If we order a shirt designed by Halfdan, will it only be half of a shirt?

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@Halfdan that’s a nice shirt

2018-02-20 06:29:36 UTC

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I love the bolder font on the shirts. No cucking. Our optics are πŸ‘Œ, no need to hide it.

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2018-02-20 06:45:45 UTC  

@Deimos-MI We use the same font on everything though.

2018-02-20 06:47:17 UTC  

I'm just talking about th size. On the first few shirts, the font was smaller.

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2018-02-20 06:55:31 UTC  

does that look too much like AMFRICA

2018-02-20 06:57:14 UTC

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2018-02-20 06:57:50 UTC  

πŸ€” πŸ€” πŸ€” πŸ€” πŸ€”

2018-02-20 06:59:16 UTC  

It's just more atomized nihilism from the left. I am the legacy of my ancestors. I have a fuck ton of respect for what they lived through.

2018-02-20 07:00:03 UTC  

My grandparents and great grandparents lived through literal famines, wars and religious persecution, fuck this chode for suggesting I can't respect or take pride in that.

2018-02-20 07:00:48 UTC  

That strength that my ancestors had lives on in me. Damn right I'm going to be proud of it.

2018-02-20 07:02:26 UTC  

I like how I get called both a fed and 13 years old in the same comment section.

2018-02-20 07:02:56 UTC  

Also, the hypocrisy of anti-pride coming from the most self centered and prideful ethnicity on the planet is blinding.

2018-02-20 07:03:30 UTC  

@Deimos-MI It's a matter of, just because someone's White doesn't mean they're the best thing since sliced bread. That's how you end up with tweaker nationalism. It's a matter of saying that because you're of our people, and societies are most peaceful with a homogenous base, you have the *potential* to do great things.

2018-02-20 07:05:01 UTC  

I doesn't even have to be about pride. It's about the multi-generational drive to provide for others who may not even be born yet. Societies are based on that kind of impersonal sacrifice.

2018-02-20 07:05:56 UTC  

It's not that, they're trying to sever our connection with our past saying we shouldn't respect or take pride in the achievements of our ancestors. But the fact that we take pride/respect their memories compels us to live up to their legacy and not off of it.

2018-02-20 07:06:12 UTC  

Yep, agreed.

2018-02-20 07:06:55 UTC  

It's about seeing yourself as just one link in a long chain of past and future family. You have a duty to uphold that link.

2018-02-20 07:07:31 UTC  

I like the way Stephen mcnallen puts it, "we are all ancestors in training."

2018-02-20 07:15:33 UTC