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Violence training today was peak violence training

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Tfw you give Kyle a fancy Spencer poster and he JPEG's it before he posts it to Twitter.

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2018-02-24 18:16:25 UTC  

The quality is horrendous

2018-02-24 18:17:36 UTC  

Did he convert it to 16bit bmp first? That looks horrible

2018-02-24 18:18:24 UTC  

If you can see, it's high enough quality until you reach the bottom of the first line of text.

2018-02-24 18:18:49 UTC  

You make that @Thomas Ryan?

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Yeah, I noticed that too. I have no idea how he fucked the quality up that bad.

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Question. Is it more Chad-like to eat the crust of the pizza? Or to leave it be?

2018-02-24 18:30:35 UTC  

Wasting food isn't Chad

2018-02-24 18:31:04 UTC  

That was my initial thought. Leaving the crust seems a little soyboyish

2018-02-24 18:31:07 UTC  

Only eat the crust

2018-02-24 18:31:13 UTC  

Oh fuck

2018-02-24 18:31:19 UTC  

That changes everything

2018-02-24 18:31:53 UTC  

Leaving the crust is little kid, spoiled beta bitch tier. Thats like a child wanting the crust taken off a PB&J level of childish .

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Fuck you, eat your food.

2018-02-24 18:32:47 UTC  

Agreed. So what your saying is only pick off the Pepperoni's and eat them

2018-02-24 18:33:28 UTC  

People who are picky with food were almost always spoiled and catered to as children. I don't know about you guys, but I either ate what was made or I didn't eat.

2018-02-24 18:33:58 UTC  

Pick off the cheese, leave the pepperonis.

2018-02-24 18:34:04 UTC  

Same. I ate plenty of shit food when I was younger but it was food and I appreciated that I had food to eat

2018-02-24 18:34:57 UTC  

Whats also weird is in my experience, its always people who grew up poor that are the pickiest. You would think they'd be the opposite.

2018-02-24 18:35:13 UTC  

You could always stick a straw in your spaghetti-os like the bowlcut god

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I grew up lower middle class, and I'll eat literally anything. Or at least try.

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Leave your pizza fresher and cleaner than when you started.

2018-02-24 18:36:55 UTC  

Replace the pepperonis with Pods.

2018-02-24 18:40:26 UTC  

ProTip. Any car with a Dr Who sticker on it is inhabited by a cucked shitlib.

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Or anything Rick & Morty, Adventure Time, or any other gay shit they'd sell at a Hot Topic.