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CERN feller

2017-07-13 02:02:40 UTC  

I found a facebook page called Midwest Reactionaries, maybe you should get in contact with them? There's over 2000 people following it.

2017-07-13 02:11:16 UTC  

That would probably be a good idea.

2017-07-13 02:19:30 UTC  

Yea that's a good idea for sure. Care to share the link?

2017-07-13 02:36:21 UTC  

Seems they line up with us on a lot but don't exactly have the goal of actually working towards establishing the mid west as a separate country. As we grow bigger we can work with them more for sure. I just don't see any activism there, more for just sharing news.

2017-07-13 16:29:17 UTC  

Where is Utah in this Midwestern Reich scenerio? We're 89.2% white and pretty religious(Mormon). Surely we can be best allies, and maybe even the center of some sort of West Reich with other states like Idaho & Montana.

2017-07-13 16:37:45 UTC  

We are focusing on the midwest as a region to avoid the problem the current white nationalist movement has as to making the entire united states an ethnic state. such a goal is too large to be realistically achieved. however we are open to people from other states being apart of this movement. I would love to have those states involved but making exceptions leads to making more, weve already have had to have a talk about Penn. so our offical stance is we do not plan at this time to include other states form outside the borders of the Midwest but all are welcome to be in the movement.

2017-07-13 16:39:06 UTC  

Nah I wasn't talking about including Utah in this Reich, just seeing what the attitude of this movement is to southwestern states that are currently trying to deal with the scourge of immigrants from south of the border.

2017-07-13 16:40:11 UTC  

Most of the threads I've seen recently i just thought of as a meme because of the existence of (((Chicago))), but I'm really starting to like the whole idea

2017-07-13 16:42:21 UTC  

Like is said in the current thread each region has its issues. Go too far out west and we have to build massive amounts of infrastructure, go too far south too many niggers. New England is too liberal. However the mid west had the right blind of majority white population and a massive right wing base.

2017-07-13 16:43:22 UTC  

The midwest truly does have the potential to become a shining beacon of western civilization if this trend of conservative gains continues.

2017-07-13 16:45:23 UTC  

Yea so you're more than welcome to stick around and contribute if you'd like. This isn't just for people in the Midwest but for all whites.

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I'm going to make a youtube channel for our movement

2017-07-14 01:43:26 UTC  

to post all content to

2017-07-14 02:51:38 UTC  

I keep finding these. The same guy posts the thread everyday.

2017-07-14 09:46:08 UTC  

Good idea memelord. I'm not sure who this guy is but he's unresponsive in threads and uses our content. Not sure he's on our side or not.

2017-07-14 11:50:08 UTC  

Next time i see one, I'll post this discord in it.

2017-07-14 12:01:20 UTC  

I've done it each time I see one. Like idk what he's about. He posts this stuff but doesn't want to organize. Doesn't want to get involved with us, but doesn't start his own thing.

2017-07-14 19:57:05 UTC  

ok, shit level site Ive made up. post feedback and suggestions cause i dont really know what im doing.

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2017-07-14 21:18:20 UTC  

Make it public

2017-07-14 21:18:29 UTC  

It just goes to the main site

2017-07-14 22:37:05 UTC  

Yea noticed that after I left the house. I'll let you know when it's up

2017-07-15 00:23:37 UTC  

ok fam look it over pretty bare bones right now but gives us something to start with.

2017-07-15 04:31:20 UTC  

also identity there's some typos in the website

2017-07-15 04:31:57 UTC  

Fuck. 🙄. Dm them to me

2017-07-15 15:38:58 UTC  

Whoever did the update on the our goal portion of the website did a good job.

2017-07-15 16:58:26 UTC  

did you post this memelord? I had one going earlier

2017-07-15 17:09:37 UTC  

Yes I posted it

2017-07-15 17:09:50 UTC  

good deal

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2017-07-15 17:10:17 UTC  

You make this?

2017-07-15 17:13:13 UTC  

yes sir

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Damn son

2017-07-15 17:15:35 UTC  

thanks man, just trying to keep putting content out there

2017-07-16 00:20:50 UTC  

How's it going, guys? Anyone on?