Message from Lycalopex in Midwest #shit-posting

2017-08-31 16:25:25 UTC  

Fucking POL

2017-08-31 16:25:50 UTC  

WE Wuz Vanguard n shiiiittt

2017-08-31 16:26:15 UTC  


2017-08-31 16:26:17 UTC

2017-08-31 16:26:51 UTC

2017-08-31 16:27:03 UTC  

We do real life shitposting

2017-08-31 16:28:19 UTC  

Spammy much

2017-08-31 16:28:35 UTC  

The thread name is shit posting fam

2017-08-31 16:28:47 UTC  

Maybe you should make a serious channel named gen chat.

2017-08-31 16:29:06 UTC  

I guess

2017-08-31 16:30:08 UTC  

Sort of just use shit posting as general discussions

2017-08-31 16:30:49 UTC  

I like irl stuff most of all

2017-08-31 16:31:01 UTC  

Irl stuff is the best stuff

2017-08-31 16:31:04 UTC  

The right stuff

2017-08-31 16:31:19 UTC  

Welcome newcomers

2017-08-31 16:31:43 UTC  

We will take it to the meme channel next time then. Either way. The new arrivals are guys from Vanguard America Midwest Chapter and Daily Stormer Book Club Nebraska. Glad to be here @everyone

2017-08-31 16:32:27 UTC  

we just experienced a major doxxing in NE fam

2017-08-31 16:32:43 UTC  


2017-08-31 16:33:02 UTC  

I have to warn everyone that it is best not to have faceberg

2017-08-31 16:33:03 UTC  

VA NE? Or just in general? @Lycalopex

2017-08-31 16:33:20 UTC  

I'm bookclub unaffiliated

2017-08-31 16:33:37 UTC  

Facefagging on fashbook means you are self doxxing and I don't feel bad for you

2017-08-31 16:33:38 UTC  

Shit fam sorry to hear that. Well welcome to our group. At work now but I'll be more active later. Well set up a time to get y'all vetted

2017-08-31 16:34:02 UTC  

But that does suck

2017-08-31 16:34:33 UTC  

@Lycalopex See need to have a vetting process. Got to be tough. Otherwise you get moles.

2017-08-31 16:34:39 UTC  

I think i've been vetted lol... SAD!! 😡

2017-08-31 16:34:54 UTC  

> not being pre Charlottesville doxxed master race

2017-08-31 16:35:19 UTC  

@IdentityIndiana Let us know. Most of our guys have been vetted but we are more than willing to go through your process.

2017-08-31 16:35:19 UTC  

yeah. I was recruiting people too fast. even people irl. I'm too trusting

2017-08-31 16:35:41 UTC  

@SRC Bruce - OH >Not being pre charlottesville doxxed by the ADL master race

2017-08-31 16:36:03 UTC  

>getting doxxed at cville by your family master race

2017-08-31 16:36:07 UTC  


2017-08-31 16:36:08 UTC  

@I Am Not A Gerbil yea I get that. Thing is I don't know y'all so going to do some vetting to be safe.

2017-08-31 16:36:33 UTC  

Oh henlo

2017-08-31 16:36:43 UTC  

I'm part of the going to cville and only having one pic taken of you in the background master race

2017-08-31 16:36:47 UTC  

@IdentityIndiana I am glad that you are. Is this an intermediate channel or?

2017-08-31 16:37:08 UTC  

At vanguard we have a intermediate vetting server. Then once the recruit passes the vetting interview they get an invite to the real server.

2017-08-31 16:37:34 UTC  

Question for the new goys. National Socialist or fascist or National capitalist?

2017-08-31 16:37:49 UTC  

National socialist

2017-08-31 16:37:53 UTC  

And a fascist

2017-08-31 16:37:53 UTC  

Nat Soc Nat Soc Nat Soc Nat Soc