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2018-02-15 00:19:48 UTC  

I'm too numb to care

2018-02-15 00:20:28 UTC  

I have seen it said that the biggest mistake that the news makes is and how they report these shootings instead of just giving the facts or what they have at the time of the reporting they dive into all this peripheral crap thus giving the event widespread coverage beyond just what happened

2018-02-15 00:21:13 UTC  

If folks can forget about the shooting of 50-something folks in a major city without so much as a motive, they can forget about 17-20 in a suburban school.

2018-02-15 00:21:42 UTC  

And church congregations.

2018-02-15 00:21:51 UTC  

True however let it be known that on NBC The narrative shilling was hot and heavy and started almost immediately, daily reminder that journalists aren't people

2018-02-15 00:21:57 UTC  

My point exactly. I forgot about that. @Barrett TX

2018-02-15 00:22:07 UTC  

Its almost like they're trying to purposely desensitize us to seeing our people murdered in the streets.

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Pick one

2018-02-15 00:22:19 UTC  

If the motive is unclear or inconvenient or unable to be spun, bye-bye it goes.

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2018-02-15 00:22:59 UTC  

Part of me wonders if that's what they were trying to do with the BLM riots keep edging us closer and closer to normalcy until something like the Rodney King riots looks normal

2018-02-15 00:23:00 UTC  

@Jelly MI It's not that. It's just the attention-seeking culture we have nowadays. Stuff always has to be bigger, hotter, more sensational to get any attention from folks to snap them out of their foggy sleepwalk they live life in.

2018-02-15 00:23:25 UTC  

It's also the fact that everything's politicized now.

2018-02-15 00:23:41 UTC  

That's part of the reason why we're interested in ascertaining if this was political.

2018-02-15 00:23:55 UTC  

Or, in the case of the media, how to make it political.

2018-02-15 00:24:00 UTC  

I don't think it is I think it is that he was a sad lonely individual who decided to take out his frustrations on others

2018-02-15 00:24:37 UTC  

Cuz according to what they reported tonight he had been expelled for disciplinary issues so take that as you will

2018-02-15 00:25:03 UTC  

That desensitization goes both ways. They’re playing with fire.

2018-02-15 00:26:11 UTC  

He's the typical edgelord you expected to shoot up the place, who had been flagged as precisely such.

2018-02-15 00:26:43 UTC  

This is a major administrative failing.

2018-02-15 00:26:59 UTC  

Sounds like Virginia Tech all over again

2018-02-15 00:27:31 UTC  

Agreed. It’s almost always the case that people knew but didn’t act for fear of social pressure. We’re all equal even the psychopaths

2018-02-15 00:29:34 UTC  

If the Hispanic thing does pan out be interesting to see if that was one of the reasons why they didn't report it up

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This guy reached the point of alienation and had nowhere to go.

2018-02-15 00:50:40 UTC  

no occultist significance on todays date?

2018-02-15 00:54:16 UTC  

Unconfirmend report of the groups he was in. Checking rn

2018-02-15 01:04:02 UTC  

Fucking wow

2018-02-15 01:04:31 UTC  

Nothing off the top of my head @ThatGoy

2018-02-15 01:04:44 UTC  

Sometimes the most simple answer is the best answer

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i just saw the tweet and figured id ask ypu

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I would advise that everybody in this chat take everything posted so far with a grain of salt lest we end up with any false identification

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Not saying it's wrong but it's better to be right and slow than wrong and fast

2018-02-15 01:21:34 UTC  

If anything I'm more angry that American tax dollars paid for that goddamn airplane