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is this real

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😡 😡 😡 😡 😡

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All reds must hang

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In my experience when anyone sees the 14 words in relation to nationalism their immediate thought is NAZI NAZI NAZI.

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@Ablesmith The slogan was created by David Lane, who wanted to live out the Durner Diaries by doing terrorist attacks and robbing banks and all that.

Do I disagree that we need to preserve our people? No. Look at everything we do and see that is not the case.

Do I think that you can be for the IDEA, without being for THE EXACT SEQUENCE OF WORDS insofar as they are a constructed slogan by a person who I do not agree with? Yes.

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"You will not replace us!"

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Become who you are

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got kinda tainted by spergs tho.

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Btw, TWP didn't name their podcast "action!" Because they are "larping" as communists. The name is a throw back to Oswald Mosley's British union of fascists.

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Can someone send me high rez Patriot Front pics to post on Instagram?

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@Patrick MI Kept the URL mostly because there were tons of guys we recruited who were looking for the ex-VA guys that were still doing activism, and it helped a ton with staying at the top of search results.

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@hlaiwas Stand by.

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I like the use of the word posterity.

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TWP aren't communists, they're Strasserites

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Not even

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Btw, isn't blood and soil bad optics? It's the English translation of blut und boden which was used by the third Reich. I mean, we don't want to scare normies right?

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We aren't looking for normies, fam

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Again, read what I said about the URL earlier. It was a decision based in utility.

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Because we also chant it

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i understand why thomas used it as a url, but tbh it has a worse stigma than the 14 words imo

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I do want to eventually get or something like that, but buying new domains is a task and it's the difference between something we're already known for, and something we're not.

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Is that why the new stickers don't have the URL?

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Not exactly, we're at the top of the search results as Patriot Front so I thought it wasn't needed.

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Cucking ^

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We aren't looking to appeal to normies? I guess I misunderstand what the objectives of this group are then

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We have so much coverage in the media, the URL isn't needed on everything anymore.

2018-02-12 19:06:29 UTC  

People can just type our names in and the first 10 results are hit pieces on us.

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@Ablesmith We're not trying to appeal to everyone, we're trying to appeal to certain Americans who are looking for an alternative to the system we currently live under.

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And our website of course.

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You cannot have a message that has the sole purpose of appealing to the lowest common denominator, or you end up with baseless socialist claims of gibs for everyone.

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Tbh fam the fasces is really bad optics. I mean that evil guy Mussolini used it and stuff

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We want to be an organization that William Peirce would join

2018-02-12 19:08:04 UTC  

Now you're just being sarcastic.

2018-02-12 19:08:30 UTC  

That was the goal