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2018-02-12 22:35:48 UTC

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Video isn't loading for me?

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Actually didn't make PF seem that bad. Definitely showed the counter protesters as pro BLM, DACA and communist

2018-02-12 22:55:59 UTC  

I can't stop watching this vid, so proud of the teamwork with the guys. 😊

2018-02-12 22:58:58 UTC  

They misspelled Fascist in the first image caption, and use images that are taken off of screens, not even screenshots.

2018-02-12 22:59:04 UTC  

This is awful journalism.

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Even the comments from the page are getting heat.

2018-02-12 23:04:02 UTC  

@Krieg Mitchell TX The mayor of the town is Miro Weinberger

2018-02-12 23:07:46 UTC  

Imagine my shock.

2018-02-12 23:16:29 UTC  

🤔 Good question, Don.

2018-02-12 23:26:23 UTC  

thata like my english professot

2018-02-12 23:26:47 UTC  

grew up in a 90% white villagw

2018-02-12 23:27:14 UTC  

now lives in a 86% white portion of a city where dindus dont travel

2018-02-12 23:28:06 UTC  

has 2 white kids and a white wife.
teaches to a 100% white class despite being at a college in a majority black city abd still has the audacity to preach diversity and the evil of whiteness

2018-02-12 23:29:20 UTC  

these people dont understand because they have absolutely no idea what its like to be around blacks. they think theyre being kind and progressive but they dont realize those arent admirable traits

2018-02-12 23:37:09 UTC  

Latest #Fakenews hit piece

2018-02-12 23:40:01 UTC  

Love it. Keep promoting us, frens.

2018-02-12 23:41:17 UTC  

That article is written by Joanna Rothkopf, by the way.

2018-02-12 23:42:28 UTC  

Fake news lying Jews

2018-02-12 23:43:29 UTC  

The International Socialist group guy was Fleckenstein, the mayor is Weinberger, the articles were written by Goldstein and Rothkopf.

Call me crazy, but there seems to be an over-representation here.

2018-02-12 23:43:55 UTC  

We didn't even have to say anything about the Jews, the Jews said it was the Jews.

2018-02-12 23:43:59 UTC  

Let’s mark the date, next year when the NE has 50+ members we should make another visit. They seem to love writing about us.

2018-02-12 23:52:00 UTC  

"Here's how Bernie can still win!"

2018-02-13 00:09:40 UTC  

So much press out of that last op

2018-02-13 00:09:59 UTC  

7 guys. Never think you don't have enough to make a difference, goys.

2018-02-13 00:10:04 UTC  

great job to everyone involved, including whoever edited the video together

2018-02-13 00:10:50 UTC  

anyone else notice the pic of the counter-protestor woman there with her half black baby?

2018-02-13 00:10:53 UTC  

Ofc there was an arguably unintentional leaking of the event to Antifa, which **should not ever be done on purpose to get press coverage.** So kind of an isolated case.

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