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2018-02-12 18:33:34 UTC  

Me and Patrick Casey had a ball talking abt them before he took over Ie.

2018-02-12 18:33:47 UTC  

Of course. That's why we don't. When they attack us and we just go about our business it makes them look petty

2018-02-12 18:34:11 UTC  

Ie also didn't want to start drama with them, "they're not worth our time..."

2018-02-12 18:34:38 UTC  

There's a reason why they took an entire episode of Action to bantz us and we made up for it by postering VCU then having a rally in DC

2018-02-12 18:35:12 UTC  

That's why we're more effective than Vanguard too

2018-02-12 18:35:22 UTC  

Yea they weren't happy at all about that

2018-02-12 18:35:24 UTC  

Not hard.

2018-02-12 18:35:32 UTC  

Va under Thomas wasn't to bad tbh.

2018-02-12 18:35:43 UTC  

@everyone Welcome @hlaiwas

2018-02-12 18:35:43 UTC  

Vanguard is a net negative in effectiveness

2018-02-12 18:35:49 UTC  

Welcome my dude

2018-02-12 18:36:04 UTC  

Someone catch me up to their reaction to their reaction on our DC thing.

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Howdy new guy!

2018-02-12 18:36:44 UTC  

Thomas can expound on that if he wishes.

2018-02-12 18:37:24 UTC  

Let me re-read this stuff and then I'll dispense thoughts.

2018-02-12 18:37:24 UTC  

Welcome to the Laura Loomer fan club

2018-02-12 18:37:34 UTC  

Pls give us ur thoughts great one

2018-02-12 18:37:48 UTC  

Always Nice to have another texan

2018-02-12 18:37:56 UTC  

Also why Tf is that podcast called "action"?

2018-02-12 18:38:10 UTC  

Comedic irony?

2018-02-12 18:38:17 UTC  

Yea should be inaction amitite?

2018-02-12 18:38:50 UTC  

Because they are LARPing as commies

2018-02-12 18:39:04 UTC  

I don't like the tankies that ended up being in our movement

2018-02-12 18:45:09 UTC  

@southland So yeah I totally disagree with the "1488" vandalism terms in that I'd not use them or advocate folks use them.
@Charlemagne MD I've had extremely limited experience with Davis, but none of it has been outright bad, and I haven't looked into the rumors surrounding his suspected past, but since I cannot really enforce standards on people non-voluntarily, there's not much use in worrying about it, since it's out of my control, unlike the standards of PF.

I do think the militia/Libertarian/disaffected Trump crowd is the real meat of recruitment and outreach. These folks compose the large bulk of the politically active on the right in America, and getting them on board is not as impossible as many claim, seeing as how we've done it.

@NDO Nick-TX I will say their departure from what most claim to be "True" NatSoc policy is a bit odd, but when you treat those types of things as ultimate truths that cannot be changed for the nation or time in question, then you end up with those conflicting ideals of "what Hitler would have *really* wanted".

Our public outreach is vastly more successful because of our image and presentation. Revolutionary, yet familiar is the term I find that describes it.

2018-02-12 18:46:00 UTC  

Also also, if we make a podcast, it'll be called "From The Front" for the cleverness of the name, and it'll be 80-90% about recent activism and then end with a call to action and get involved.

2018-02-12 18:47:27 UTC  

Podcast market is a bit saturated but I think it would be worth it. TRS would carry it I have no doubt

2018-02-12 18:48:48 UTC  

It's Saturated but i think it would sell well, people like activism and we tend to have high quality material.

2018-02-12 18:49:33 UTC  

Yeah, podcast market is filled to the gills with shitposting, but our niche has always really been no-nonsense activism. That would be unique.

2018-02-12 18:51:03 UTC  

You and Zel would work well. Then have whoever led the most impactful activism that week

2018-02-12 18:52:19 UTC  

We'll have a chance to pick Jayoh and Mikes brain about it.

2018-02-12 18:55:31 UTC  

So you disagree with the use of the 14 words?

2018-02-12 18:55:52 UTC  

The 14 words aren't good optics

2018-02-12 18:55:53 UTC  


2018-02-12 18:55:57 UTC  

Although they are true

2018-02-12 18:56:19 UTC  

Throwing 1488 on everything just looks bad

2018-02-12 18:56:20 UTC  

@Ablesmith I am not against the concept, but the slogan itself is not merely the concept. And the slogan has a bit of an unfortunate history.

2018-02-12 18:56:31 UTC  

Well certainly not vandalizing property

2018-02-12 18:57:32 UTC  

Sure, vandalizing things is wrong but criticizing the slogan is... another issue

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