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@Thomas Ryan i like this basic look

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I like this basic look

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Not a very good flag there, friend. Eagle/fasces is way too complex for a flag, and it overlaps the comparatively dark red and blue obscuring the thin black outlines. Beyond that, the tricolor design is not very American at all, and a seal taken directly from Fascist Italy is no less larping than a swasi from Germany around the same time.

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dat flag bantz

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Flags should be 2-3 colors, have symbolism that is meaningful and original to the place or group it represents, and usually be simple enough to be hand drawn with a moderate degree of accuracy upon familiarity with the design.

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Plus it's worth it just listening to Metokur.

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I read books and shit post with fascists on the internet.

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I don't even know who metokur is.

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Can't let yourself become an "other" to the folks you're trying to help. Not that we're trying to help YT specifically, but politically unaffiliated folks are out there in staggering numbers, they just don't make much noise.

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I can relate to the trump voting block. Whether they are disaffected now or not, I seem to reach them well enough on a one to one basis.

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This is just larping. Come on, buddy. You rallied a bunch of cat ladies and scream about being a victim on Twitter. Be honest with yourself here.

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I even have good success one on one with lots of former Bernie bros.

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Spelling out fantasies of violence on Twitter is the dumbest thing to do. You're putting letters on a screen, it ain't scary fam.

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@arcloop That's good. Those are good folks to reach.

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@arcloop Metokur has the most savage bantz on the internet.

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I take a sales strategy approach. Feel, felt, found... Carnegie... Socratic method... Put it together and you can do some serious quality work one on one.

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You can't just start SIEGE posting out of the gate.

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Idk fam, you need to start off with getting them to realize that Hitler is an avatar of Vishnu and the Kali Yuga will be brought upon us by means of Satanic Apocalypse Cults reanimating the corpse of Charles Manson.

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What about KXHE posting?

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There we go.

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@arcloop Unironically, though, get what you're saying.

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@Charlemagne MD You really oughta figure out how to post images that don't have massive borders on the top/bottom.

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@Chris7577TX >spamming images
>in general
What is chat etiquette

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Don't blaspheme KXHE.

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why does education suck so much dick?

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I've got an older iPhone, it converts sideways pictures into upright pics for whatever reason

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>designated shitting channel

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Fukkin saved on that kalki the avenger image

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@Thomas Ryan if you find that review of fascist economics, DM me as well. Thanks.

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Looked for it, but since the title is so general it's kinda hard to find. Not sure where I got it first. I'll dig around.

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Socialism of duty?

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@Deimos-MI fascist economics and the socialism of duty? That book?

2018-02-12 16:45:47 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan there is an anthology from Oxford university press titled Fascism. It is comprised of writings from primary sources mostly pre 1945 on the subject. Have you read it?