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2018-01-16 04:40:06 UTC  

`In many ways, the Spanish Revolution was the most far reaching revolution in history.`

Until they got crushed by those *with the power to act, and with the will to lead.*

2018-01-16 04:40:38 UTC  

You're referring to the Spanish fascist's who beat the commies?

2018-01-16 04:40:58 UTC  

Franco and the Falangists, yes.

2018-01-16 04:41:49 UTC  

See the Paris Commune for what happens when these exessively democratic societies attempt to function outside of a vaccum just like in Spain. They get crushed by those with set heirarchy.

2018-01-16 04:44:58 UTC  

Breaking your hands deadlifting nationalism

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Hand Callouses Nationalism

2018-01-16 04:45:48 UTC  

Alfred doesn't pick at his hand callouses.

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2018-01-16 04:45:58 UTC  

>wrist wraps
U aint natty bruh

2018-01-16 04:46:14 UTC  

wrist wraps 4 gay boys

2018-01-16 04:46:23 UTC  

wear tape

2018-01-16 04:46:32 UTC  

The callouses makes it feel like its not my hand tho

2018-01-16 04:46:46 UTC  

hahahaha wtf

2018-01-16 04:51:27 UTC  

If your hands don't look like this when you leave the gym you're probably a fed

2018-01-16 04:52:36 UTC  

The grabbler

2018-01-16 04:54:20 UTC  

I could turn a penny into copper wire rn

2018-01-16 04:55:50 UTC  

Alfred has the arm strength to lift 600 pounds but not to tie knots that can hold up to gusts of wind on an overpass.

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Thankfully after this quality leg day I now have the lower body strength to throw myself into traffic

2018-01-16 04:57:12 UTC  

what’s your max deadlift @Alfred NC

2018-01-16 04:58:04 UTC  

I'm a faggot and just do hex bars not real deadlifts because I always fuck my lower back up, some autistic part in my brain cant do a real deadlift right

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2018-01-16 04:58:23 UTC  

Now double killing myself because of the shame

2018-01-16 04:58:35 UTC  

I can teach :^)

2018-01-16 04:58:46 UTC  

I'll take you up on that tbh

2018-01-16 04:58:50 UTC  

At least get a bowl haircut first

2018-01-16 04:58:58 UTC  

I got a hernia deadlifting. It's a scary fucking workout.

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>not just having a Bowlcut already

2018-01-16 04:59:14 UTC  

Not as scary as squats @NDO Eric - TX

2018-01-16 04:59:15 UTC  

Props to the MD guys! @Charlemagne MD @FlintShrubwood

2018-01-16 04:59:17 UTC  

You're so 2017

2018-01-16 04:59:27 UTC  

Then I see Eddie Hall deadlift 1100 pounds and I want to off myself.

2018-01-16 04:59:42 UTC  

Mfw that guy will probably die by age 50

2018-01-16 05:00:01 UTC  

If you're still alive at 50 you're a pussy

2018-01-16 05:00:06 UTC