Message from Ulrich in Front And Center #general

2018-02-09 03:15:42 UTC  

Are they National Socialist?

2018-02-09 03:15:55 UTC  

What is this Jewish magic? How does it know everything?

2018-02-09 03:15:56 UTC  

youre not familiar with the daily stormer dude?

2018-02-09 03:15:58 UTC  


2018-02-09 03:16:11 UTC  
2018-02-09 03:16:20 UTC  

Nah, they all seem to be like TRS, pretty virgin

2018-02-09 03:16:32 UTC  

Pretty sure Sargon is natsoc bruh

2018-02-09 03:17:04 UTC  

how do you not know the daily stormer?

2018-02-09 03:17:04 UTC  

I feel like when Tariq kept having "mic issues" he was either googling or trying to formulate an answer haha.

2018-02-09 03:17:32 UTC  

I know of it, but why would I follow it? They’re Alt Lite compared to other stuff

2018-02-09 03:17:54 UTC  

tariq showed zero etiquette to taylor while taylor always let him respond without shouting over. typical nigger behaviour

2018-02-09 03:18:26 UTC  

@Ulrich are you fucking trollling?

2018-02-09 03:18:31 UTC  

Nah man

2018-02-09 03:18:35 UTC  


2018-02-09 03:18:53 UTC  

Dude. He called Taylor sir like a fucking shoeshine boy throughout

2018-02-09 03:19:28 UTC  

Like in my eyes Daily Stormer = StormFront

2018-02-09 03:19:28 UTC  

It's like he is trying to say Huwhites are the real Jews

2018-02-09 03:19:34 UTC  

Like fuck that lol

2018-02-09 03:19:45 UTC  

how would you know if youve never read it?

2018-02-09 03:20:05 UTC  

the daily stormer is easily the funniest news site on the internet imo

2018-02-09 03:20:19 UTC  

“hOw WOUld U kNOW iF YouVE nEver Rad iT”

2018-02-09 03:20:30 UTC  

“IsLam Is EvIl aNd AnTi WeSt bEcAUse tHeY tHrOw gAYs oFf RoOf ToPs aNd doN’T eAt PoRK anD aRe BrOwN.”

2018-02-09 03:20:30 UTC  

ok dude

2018-02-09 03:20:38 UTC  

Because I hear fringe groups praise it all the time

2018-02-09 03:20:49 UTC  

Yeah, I’ve clicked on links leading me to it

2018-02-09 03:21:02 UTC  

But it serves no purpose in aiding the movement lmao

2018-02-09 03:21:05 UTC  

>fringe groups
>"DS is for alt lite fgts"

2018-02-09 03:21:20 UTC  


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2018-02-09 03:21:25 UTC  

top fucking kek

2018-02-09 03:21:26 UTC  

What do you read then dude?

2018-02-09 03:21:42 UTC  

Renegade Tribune is pretty decent

2018-02-09 03:21:48 UTC  

Are you reading some like underground NSM webzine?

2018-02-09 03:21:53 UTC  


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2018-02-09 03:21:58 UTC  

You’re a retard

2018-02-09 03:22:04 UTC  

And if so, wouldn't that be ultra fringe?

2018-02-09 03:22:25 UTC  

Siege should be the only book you read, ever.

2018-02-09 03:22:31 UTC  


2018-02-09 03:22:36 UTC  

I’m not even saying that

2018-02-09 03:22:42 UTC  

You can only read blood-scrawled diaries of serial killers in the woods or else you're essentially a civic nationalist.

But no really, be civil, guys.