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Lots of reasons. The reason I'm uninstalling it tonight is if you open Brave and your internet just happens to not be working, it erases ALL the URLs to every tab you had open your last session. So, now you just have 20 empty tabs with an "error" in place of the URL and no way to find out the URLs except going through your entire history.

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20 tabs of research and reading lost in a half second from some quirk I've never seen before in another browser. I've been happiest so far with Pale Moon.

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Inb4 general purge

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projection mapping of twp to the benny hill theme song

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Found some Photoshop filters.

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Is peak optics.

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Oh that's a nice concept plan is halfdan going to finish it?

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@Halfdan I'll send you some links.

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Super easy, actually.

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I get very creative with my file names.

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@Jelly MI is your sweet ass car ruined?

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Yeah, man, are you okay? @Jelly MI

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I assume if you updated us then you're that much alright.

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so i gotta ask... is our symbol a cactus or what?

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You really don't know?

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its obviously a gun barrel

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Nobody tell him.

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It's an autistic ax

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it looks like the MGTOW symbol

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Hey @Thomas Ryan Did you see my flag idea from a few days ago?

2018-02-08 07:40:17 UTC  

Yes, we're not doing it. Our flags will simply be our logo on a blue field.

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@ThatGoy See the resemblance?

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@White Eagle-MA Logo is already pretty complex, no need to overcomplicate. Beyond that, mixing it in with the American flag would be a bit disrespectful to many.

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Ah ok. I understand that point, would lead to alot of reeeeeeeing.