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So did that guy ever figure out it was a fascii or what

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Trying to post the flag design we used.

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which one

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and is that one too big

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The one I sent to the printers.

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That one?

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Thats the only one I have that you sent me

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That's what they'll look like.

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ye ye

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did you order them from my guy

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what it do

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Hey man

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@ThatGoy Fasces is a bundle of rods surrounding an axe. Ancient symbol going back to the early beginnings of Rome. It means strength in unity, and became a prominent symbol in the Roman Empire, where Consuls would be in power while "holding fasces", and their body guards also carried them, as a symbol of the primacy of the State.

You can also see them in a wide variety of architecture throughout our civilization, and very much so in early America. Nearly all of the neoclassical elements of D.C. and elsewhere include them in some capacity.

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Also, Mussolini used them a lot and he's pretty cool too.

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So did Mosley. Cool as well.

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Lictors carried them they were the body guards for the tribume of the plebs

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I forgot the term, yes them.

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Also they go as far back as the Etruscans

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Yeah, the Romans didn't invent them. They just build a civilization that popularized them.

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And America now sits as the cornerstone of the west, just as Rome did, in a similarly perilous state as Rome saw in its declining days. What better symbol to remind our people of than one which is as old as our civilization itself, and promotes the unity of a people and their united strength in an effort? @ThatGoy

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Hope that clears it up for ya.

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Pretty neat fam

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It must have been visually striking to see a man guarded by 12 facies carrying men

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All that weight behind an axhead would fucc things up bre

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Velocity has more bearing on impact force then mass

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Also roman battle masks are kickass

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I actually like the fasces Betsy Ross flag tbh fam

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I think they were more ceremonial, a deterrent. Normal weapons weren't technically allowed in the city iirc, but that rule was broken all the time.

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Fasces are not usable weapons

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Look at this fucking shit at my fiancees little sister’s school

2018-02-08 08:04:04 UTC  

Make it better

2018-02-08 08:04:19 UTC  

We can't poster schools

2018-02-08 08:04:53 UTC  

Its fucking disgusting

2018-02-08 08:04:56 UTC  

not even just a teeeeeeeeeeeny sticker