Message from Reinhard Wolff in Charlottesville 2.0 #antifa_watch

2017-08-08 21:31:29 UTC  


2017-08-08 21:32:22 UTC  

Yeah, armor has to meet certain standards because it is actual physical combat.

2017-08-08 22:47:44 UTC  

@Diethard All TWP will have Hardhats. We can't guarantee how prevalent it will be but they are known to use slingshots.

2017-08-08 23:01:07 UTC  

Yeah, bring a helmet.

2017-08-08 23:06:11 UTC  

Just saw this in a 4chan thread. Do not know if threat is credible

2017-08-08 23:06:36 UTC  


2017-08-08 23:07:20 UTC  

Doubtful, but if so, it was nice of that guy to provide us a picture of himself.

2017-08-08 23:07:24 UTC  

wtf is this shit

2017-08-08 23:07:39 UTC  

it's atomwaffen, I believe

i call bs

2017-08-08 23:07:48 UTC  

Apparently the guy in the picture is in jail after the bomb making fiasco.

2017-08-08 23:07:52 UTC  

Yeah, it's nothing.

2017-08-08 23:07:54 UTC  

okay good

2017-08-08 23:08:03 UTC  

Stuff like this should always be forwarded to the police. Does an organizer or some other high end guy have contact with a VA police liason?

2017-08-08 23:08:08 UTC  

Nigga get a decent rifle and then get at me

2017-08-08 23:08:11 UTC  

can you confirm thats the dude

2017-08-08 23:08:13 UTC  


2017-08-08 23:08:17 UTC  

"at least antifa are consistent" would not be a purity spiraler's argument

2017-08-08 23:08:22 UTC  

Def not credible

2017-08-08 23:08:29 UTC  

@Volkisch Soldat - OK said it was him

2017-08-08 23:08:31 UTC  

I'm not sure

2017-08-08 23:08:47 UTC  

That's some decent trolling. Those atomwaffen kids are special.

2017-08-08 23:09:24 UTC  

Brandon Russell

2017-08-08 23:09:36 UTC  

Hey now, don't be countersignaling a Kalashnikov.

2017-08-08 23:09:51 UTC  

Yes he is in custody and has been for awhile. He was the roommate of the Muslim member who killed two other members

2017-08-08 23:09:58 UTC  

@Conway - OK That's an SKS. <:tucker:321808699435778060>

2017-08-08 23:10:14 UTC  


2017-08-08 23:10:32 UTC  

Sks is not a WN rifle

2017-08-08 23:10:37 UTC  

Brandon did nothing wrong. He just got <:jew:322161858364571648>'d

2017-08-08 23:11:03 UTC  

Like many other brothers before him

2017-08-08 23:11:45 UTC  

Poor choice of friends

2017-08-08 23:11:52 UTC  

I was glad he didn't get "No-Knocked" and murdered by Feds

2017-08-08 23:11:56 UTC  

@Vic_Mackey Correct other than let that motherfucker who was obviously unstable to stick around. Its fucking tragic.

2017-08-08 23:11:59 UTC  

At least he's still alive

2017-08-08 23:12:09 UTC  

@RCO Nick-TX exactly

2017-08-08 23:19:24 UTC  

While we're on the topic of lunatics on the far right, Renegade mentioned in one of their latest podcasts that they might come and disrupt things. "We should call out the Jewish Alt-Right in person"

2017-08-08 23:19:48 UTC  

Probably not going to happen but eh.

2017-08-08 23:21:03 UTC  

So Sinead and her lover are going to disrupt things? Is Evalion and her Mandingo coming too?

2017-08-08 23:24:45 UTC  

Is Renegade part of that site with lordgoyhammer?

2017-08-08 23:25:02 UTC  

I talked with those guys on twitter, they are pretty anti-alt-right but seemed decent besides that