Message from Heinz - MI in Charlottesville 2.0 #antifa_watch

2017-07-18 05:28:18 UTC  

The Grand White Knight of the Erika Defense Force

2017-07-18 05:28:41 UTC  

@Goldstein Riots don't respond

2017-07-18 05:29:17 UTC  

le popcorn.gif

2017-07-18 05:29:37 UTC  

Counter signaling the idea that it's okay to rule out tactics the enemy might use is useful.

2017-07-18 05:29:56 UTC  

Otherwise people go into the event saying "antifa won't do this, antifa won't do that" and that's just stupid.

2017-07-18 05:29:58 UTC  

Late night bitching is pretty nigger tier is all I"m saying.

2017-07-18 05:30:08 UTC  

So what about late night white knighting?

2017-07-18 05:30:13 UTC  

Pretty cuck tier

2017-07-18 05:30:31 UTC  


2017-07-18 05:30:34 UTC  

Why are you like this Blake? Why are you even arguing? Can you not just accept that this is doing nothing?

2017-07-18 05:31:08 UTC  


2017-07-18 05:31:16 UTC  

Why am I upset that people are spreading the idea that it's okay to count out tactics our opponents might use? Man, why would I be mad about that?

2017-07-18 05:31:30 UTC  

No one is ruling out tactics. Holy crap.

2017-07-18 05:31:37 UTC  

You literally did

2017-07-18 05:31:41 UTC  

Multiple times

2017-07-18 05:31:42 UTC  

Not only today

2017-07-18 05:31:53 UTC  


2017-07-18 05:31:55 UTC  

Again, multiple times, she also said "Prepare for the worst"

2017-07-18 05:32:09 UTC  

Are you arguing just to arguing? You're making IE look like shit.

2017-07-18 05:32:33 UTC  

wow when did she ever say Antifa wont be doing something

2017-07-18 05:33:26 UTC  

>"Erika has nothing to do with it"
>Only chimes in when Erika is being bullied by meanie larpers

2017-07-18 05:33:31 UTC  

Right above that, literally right above it, "We're all aware that Antifa is dangerous"

2017-07-18 05:33:33 UTC  


2017-07-18 05:33:36 UTC  

They literally don't ever square up to us face to face in a 1:1 situation, and they are on even better behavior when they're not allowed to wear masks.

2017-07-18 05:43:04 UTC  

Please no more public drama

2017-07-18 05:43:19 UTC  

Stop typing Ericka. I don't care if Vanguard guys are flaming you. There are a million other ways to handle it.

2017-07-18 05:43:28 UTC  

You delete my message?

2017-07-18 05:43:43 UTC  

I'm taking it to DM

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2017-07-18 05:43:53 UTC  

Dat public shame deletion

2017-07-18 05:43:54 UTC  


2017-07-18 05:44:08 UTC  

gotta get your women in line Matthias

2017-07-18 05:44:17 UTC

2017-07-18 05:44:52 UTC  

I love these servers.

2017-07-18 05:45:16 UTC  

In all seriousness though, if you expect the cops to defend you, you're retarded. Don't pidgeonhole yourself into relying on zog puppets

2017-07-18 05:47:37 UTC  

Prepare to work with the cops, prepare for them to betray you.

2017-07-18 05:50:12 UTC  


2017-07-18 05:51:25 UTC  

Prepare to have women publicly countermand statements from Security and then cry when they tell her not to.

2017-07-18 05:53:34 UTC  

Matthias my goy 👌

2017-07-18 05:54:18 UTC  

Everything has been handled. Carry on. The operation order should be done shortly. We've had to make a number of changes based on communication with the various groups and law enforcement.