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2017-07-28 02:28:10 UTC  

We should throw bars of soap at antifa

2017-07-28 02:43:28 UTC  

Haha like the little hotel soaps

2017-07-28 02:44:31 UTC  

Nah, swiping hotel soaps is for niggers.

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2017-07-28 18:50:52 UTC  

Actually I can't say that using used motel soap is inherently white.

2017-07-28 18:51:47 UTC  

If you do not take them even if unopened they have to be thrown away.

2017-07-28 19:03:52 UTC  

Taking the soap is fine. It's included in your rate. Stealing towels and bed linens on the other hand is what niggers do.

2017-07-28 19:30:55 UTC  

Lol out here my gf works for a nicer motel, even then ... Direct TV has a thing you stick on the TV that looks like a camera so sure enough every time there is a black family reunion or something she gets 9000 calls about why the tvs are not working because they throw them in the trash or steal them.

2017-07-28 19:45:05 UTC  

This man should not be permitted within our permitted AO.

2017-07-28 19:53:20 UTC  

Can't see the link, can you screenshot the account?

2017-07-28 20:09:08 UTC  

It's on the Unite the Right event page on FB.

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2017-07-28 20:09:53 UTC  

This is the post.

2017-07-28 20:11:53 UTC  

^^ i agree. He was pretty cucky in the comments also

2017-07-28 20:13:16 UTC  

He's all boomer style pro LEGAL immigration from brown countries

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2017-07-28 20:20:29 UTC  

The truth finally comes out. This is why he's against Whites rallying in our own interests.

2017-07-28 20:21:50 UTC  

There's going to be a lot of those there

2017-07-28 20:22:05 UTC  

"Muh monuments" types

2017-07-28 20:24:12 UTC  

No. He's a "Muh Constitution" stands for equality type.

2017-07-28 20:46:00 UTC  

guess that squaw pussy must be pretty good to be on your knees

2017-07-28 20:46:42 UTC  

or more likely he doesn't get much, if any, white female attention so he latched onto the first poon to notice him

2017-07-28 20:51:03 UTC  

I believe that is his mixed daughter.

2017-07-28 20:56:07 UTC  

Yeah he says it's his oldest daughter

2017-07-28 21:01:06 UTC  

oh well then it applies to his wife lol

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2017-07-28 21:01:35 UTC  

Of cooouuurrrssssssee

2017-07-28 21:04:51 UTC

2017-07-28 21:22:15 UTC  

Shit he's in Roanoke...?

2017-07-28 21:24:00 UTC

2017-07-28 21:25:39 UTC  

I live in Roanoke. Plenty of leftist tards.

2017-07-28 21:33:41 UTC  

@The Huwhyte Ulf - VA
He was trying to run for sheriff down there. He holds a lot of 2A rallies in Roanoke.

2017-07-28 21:40:46 UTC  

He seems quite insufferable

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2017-07-28 21:43:24 UTC  

2nd amendment

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2017-07-28 21:44:03 UTC  

He still thinks it's 2008 and Ron Paul can still win

2017-07-28 21:46:22 UTC  

Do we know if he's attending August 12?

2017-07-28 21:48:33 UTC  

He says he is. I told him that he'll be standing with Antifa if he does show.