Message from missliterallywho in Charlottesville 2.0 #antifa_watch

2017-07-22 02:00:14 UTC  

The mission is to preserve Southern heritage

2017-07-22 02:00:20 UTC  

If you're not down, don't come

2017-07-22 02:00:28 UTC  

@⚡Clark⚡ That's just silly.

2017-07-22 02:00:31 UTC  

what is up with people today

2017-07-22 02:00:34 UTC  

There's a higher mission here than just "muh southern pride"

2017-07-22 02:00:39 UTC  

What flag do you prefer?

2017-07-22 02:00:50 UTC  

@⚡Clark⚡ i think you came to the wrong place

2017-07-22 02:00:54 UTC  

Identitarian flags

2017-07-22 02:00:58 UTC  

may wanna see if you can get a refund on that ticket

2017-07-22 02:01:10 UTC  


2017-07-22 02:01:32 UTC  

@⚡Clark⚡ I'm taking up for your identitarian flags right now, but quit being a faggot about the Confederate flag, it is as identitarian as a flag gets.

2017-07-22 02:01:34 UTC  

this was the last one

2017-07-22 02:01:52 UTC  

thats every confederate flag

2017-07-22 02:02:02 UTC  

Southern culture= white American culture

2017-07-22 02:02:13 UTC  

There's no other culture like it in the world

2017-07-22 02:02:19 UTC  


2017-07-22 02:02:25 UTC  

Those are all identitarian flags

2017-07-22 02:02:36 UTC  

The original American Identitarians

2017-07-22 02:03:12 UTC  

whats up with all the shit starting today

2017-07-22 02:03:32 UTC  

Yankees get out reeeee

2017-07-22 02:03:51 UTC  

supposed to be uniting and people are shitting on other peoples things

2017-07-22 02:04:04 UTC  

IDK, and IDK what is up with someone bagging on the Confederate flag in a room full of Southerners unless he's just a masochist.

2017-07-22 02:04:22 UTC  

wonder if he knows what statue we're gonna be standing in front of

2017-07-22 02:04:54 UTC  

He was there for the last event

2017-07-22 02:06:29 UTC  

Not to counter signal, I'm not bagging on the confederate flag. I don't see it as the best optics personally.

2017-07-22 02:07:12 UTC  

Isn't it the Sherman buttplug statue?

2017-07-22 02:07:46 UTC  

@⚡Clark⚡ It's a dumb thing to even bring up. You're just gonna piss people off, and you're wrong anyway.

2017-07-22 02:08:03 UTC  

people can't seem to help but try to stir up shit

2017-07-22 02:10:10 UTC  

You're going to a rally in front of a statue of General Lee

2017-07-22 02:10:36 UTC  

Confederate flags are quite literally the best flags possible for that scenario.

2017-07-22 02:11:23 UTC  

@⚡Clark⚡ Are yopu a Yankee? BC I can't imagine a Southerner, whether he's pro or anti the Confederate flag, holding that it's not identitarian.

2017-07-22 02:11:45 UTC  

@⚡Clark⚡ how do you define identitarian?

2017-07-22 02:12:03 UTC  

I mean, there are a few "rainbow Confederate" whack jobs, but that's a mental illness.

2017-07-22 02:12:05 UTC  

@Azzmador I told him he should be very afraid of you...

2017-07-22 02:12:11 UTC  

also what do you think of the daily stormer? @⚡Clark⚡

2017-07-22 02:12:43 UTC  

@Athena Marie lol, I'm a nice guy.

2017-07-22 02:13:22 UTC  

@Azzmador GAS EM

2017-07-22 02:14:10 UTC  

i think 1clark4 is writing us a novel

2017-07-22 02:14:35 UTC  

It had better be a "Backpedaling 101" manual

2017-07-22 02:14:56 UTC