Message from Stanislav Đajić in Charlottesville 2.0 #dc_va_md

2017-07-13 14:38:14 UTC  

Totally slipped under my radar too.

2017-07-13 14:53:01 UTC  


2017-07-13 14:53:23 UTC  

They cville1'd us

2017-07-13 15:25:07 UTC  

I mean who cares? Fuck those cucks.

2017-07-13 16:41:29 UTC  

Yeah just saw this in reddit. Definitely wasn't advertised anywhere. The organizers are pretty (((diverse))).

2017-07-14 16:05:19 UTC  

An actor? Lol

2017-07-14 18:38:08 UTC  

He meant to say "Revolutionary who doesn't mind being filmed and will follow directions" I think

2017-07-14 19:46:19 UTC  

White guy who isn't a sperg and/or fat who can focus and hold a flag for 1 hour.

2017-07-14 20:58:06 UTC  

What part of MD?

2017-07-14 20:58:15 UTC  

And will my face have to be in it 🤔

2017-07-14 21:42:54 UTC  

No spergs? That eliminates too many!

2017-07-16 16:05:50 UTC  

@here anyone interested in
DM me

2017-07-17 23:20:45 UTC  

If anyone wants to carpool up from Richmond, let me know.

2017-07-18 22:35:13 UTC  

I'm going to try and get a few of the Virginiaryans in on a carpool so anyone whos in one of our areas is welcome

2017-07-20 18:19:55 UTC  

@Commander Davis (TWP) 2 goys from Vienna VA who will probably be staying at the same house as you.

2017-07-20 18:20:51 UTC  

I'm also trying to bring a goy from Hartford Co MD who could come more easily if he had a carpool.

2017-07-20 19:34:48 UTC  

@Stanislav Đajić who's the goy from Hartford co?

2017-07-20 19:35:29 UTC  

@Americana - MD No one anyone here would know, but I've known him for years.

2017-07-20 19:35:31 UTC  

I may end up driving my car in addition to the group I was with since a few local goys seem to need rides

2017-07-20 19:35:39 UTC  
2017-07-20 19:35:49 UTC  

I'm in NOVA.

2017-07-20 19:35:56 UTC  

Ahhh gotcha

2017-07-20 19:36:10 UTC  

I was at the Suidlanders presentation.

2017-07-20 19:36:16 UTC  


2017-07-20 19:36:39 UTC  

I'm bad with names. Lol faces I recognize though 👌🏻

2017-07-20 19:37:10 UTC  


2017-07-20 19:38:10 UTC  

My name is actually a variant of Stanislav.

2017-07-24 01:39:06 UTC  

Exciting news to anyone in East Virginia and eastern NC.
We are confirmed. Simon Roche at Stanley Ball Room in New Bern, NC 7:00 on August 15, 2017

2017-07-24 01:40:00 UTC  

@Tyrone I'm right outside Raleigh, but I'd try and make it. Sounds exciting

2017-07-24 01:41:44 UTC  

Shiieeettt if it's close I'll even go

2017-07-24 01:41:50 UTC  

Hol up

2017-07-24 01:44:13 UTC  

300 Miles rip...

2017-07-24 01:45:06 UTC  

Used to live there

2017-07-24 01:45:06 UTC  

@here I highly recommend going. His presentations will make you realize what our future will look like if we don't stand the fuck up... you're going to hold back tears if you have any love for the white race you're gonna want to cry man...

2017-07-24 02:24:24 UTC  

If anyone is coming from an extended distance I will be making a few calls and trying to arrange reasonable lodging. I cannot make a promise to this at this time. This will give us a chance to get some bro time

2017-07-24 02:25:16 UTC  

Simon has agreed to a small afterward dinner with "more aware" people where he will be able to speak completely freely.

2017-07-24 02:29:22 UTC  

The venue for this and whether we will have a private room or simply a private table will be decided based on interest from qualified vetted individuals. This part of the event will not be announced or publicized publicly

2017-07-24 02:30:14 UTC  

I went to see him in DC. I can't recommend strongly enough

2017-07-24 02:33:12 UTC  

God damn it... now I want to go for the dinner party...

2017-07-24 02:33:34 UTC  

Wait the 15th... I can't make a weekday no matter how hard I try

2017-07-24 02:45:14 UTC  

@Americana - MD I know the feeling. That's how I have felt a couple of the D.C. events.