Message from PureDureSure in Charlottesville 2.0 #florida

2017-07-25 13:44:39 UTC  

Any fashy florida bros are always welcome

2017-07-25 18:09:11 UTC  

Vanguard America

2017-07-25 19:04:06 UTC  

Ok cool

2017-07-25 19:05:43 UTC  

AntiCom @TheFash

2017-07-25 19:15:01 UTC  

Well if you guys wanna hang out with a good group of guys in Florida dm me. We have more then a hundred guys in the gators. And are in most of the big cities there. And God, one of our guys recently joined the vanguard. He goes by Lucilomar.

2017-07-25 19:16:10 UTC  

I'm up in Jacksonville

2017-07-27 14:29:13 UTC  

@The Chechen Slayer ok we might have a couple people up there.

2017-07-27 15:02:39 UTC  

we got jax ppl for days

2017-07-27 15:02:48 UTC  

well at least like 4 people lol

2017-07-27 16:34:53 UTC  

Hey @WhiteTrash welcome back!

2017-07-27 16:56:04 UTC  


2017-07-28 01:51:46 UTC  

@WhiteTrash me and terra already know each other irl

2017-07-28 03:02:24 UTC  

Well join our discord

2017-07-28 03:02:45 UTC  

Or something

2017-07-28 03:02:54 UTC  

Dm me and I'll give you deets

2017-07-31 21:45:07 UTC  

Would there be interest in bringing a Florida state flag to the event?

2017-07-31 21:45:18 UTC  

It would be cool if each state brings a flag

2017-08-01 01:57:13 UTC  

@Diethard Pretty sure there were some at the first rally there. State's first before US flag etc has always been IMHO.

2017-08-01 02:14:29 UTC  

Yeah, we will have Florida flags at the event

2017-08-01 02:27:35 UTC  

Alright, I'm spreading the word.

2017-08-08 05:10:36 UTC  

The Cville server won't let me "@everyone", so I'm not sure how to disseminate this information as widely as possible:

I live in Columbia, SC ten minutes east of the intersection of I-20 and I-77, and an hour west of the intersection of I-20 and I-95. Like so many others, we have a van headed to Cville on Friday. We're a 5 hour drive from there.

Many people have had their lodging near Cville canceled. I imagine that some might now be faced with the choice of skipping sleeping in Cville Friday night and starting a long drive in the wee hours of Saturday morning to make the rally.

I want to put out there that, provided I could tag along for the ride up, I will be happy to stay behind on Friday and open my home to anyone traveling from South or West of here who want to break up their long trip.

2017-08-08 05:36:29 UTC  

we all going on friday

2017-08-08 05:39:21 UTC  


2017-08-09 15:18:43 UTC  

Yeah, that is damn nice of you but I think most of the Florida boys have our plans pretty worked out, I don't know anyone who was hard hit by the reservation stuff.

2017-08-11 03:44:25 UTC  

On our way why is florida such a long state. Got like 5 hrs till were out of fl

2017-08-11 04:43:55 UTC  

ikr? If California secedes, Florida should be 2 states, amirite?

2017-08-11 04:47:11 UTC  


2017-08-11 04:47:14 UTC  


2017-08-11 04:47:23 UTC  

Just takes forever to get out of this staye

2017-08-11 04:47:25 UTC  


2017-08-11 06:27:18 UTC  

south florida (aka little cuba) can go

2017-08-11 11:18:29 UTC  

I wouldn't expect to keep south Florida!

2017-08-11 19:15:15 UTC  

How about the people in South Florida just go?

2017-08-12 02:49:21 UTC  

I got subhuman detoxing in the ER

2017-08-13 23:01:40 UTC  

@here Hey anyone going to Augustus's event on Sep 23?

2017-08-14 03:09:36 UTC  

Only if the dyke is there