Message from docclar in Charlottesville 2.0 #carolinas

2017-06-07 02:19:26 UTC  

75$ a person between 4 people for a weekend at a very nive vineyard.

2017-06-07 02:19:45 UTC  

I'd like to get that down to atleast 40$ a person, if not less.

2017-06-07 02:19:48 UTC  

@O.W. von Diez I will add to pot regardless of whether my work schedule allows me to go. Can put me down for sure.

2017-06-07 02:20:11 UTC  

I'm in regardless of whether its $40 or $150

2017-06-07 02:20:19 UTC  

@docclar Thank you, sir. I'll get in touch with you closer to the date to discuss that.

2017-06-07 02:20:32 UTC  

Lukas, you hero.

2017-06-07 02:29:48 UTC  

If it's just $75 I'll sponsor someones room if we need it. Just fill me in on what the finances look like when we get it figured out.

2017-06-07 02:34:45 UTC  

Understood. Thank you.

2017-06-07 02:59:23 UTC  

I'm in

2017-06-07 02:59:36 UTC  

Even if I'm in boot camp I'll pitch in to the money

2017-06-07 03:00:10 UTC  


2017-06-07 03:00:59 UTC  

I'll be there in spirit regardless

2017-06-07 03:01:08 UTC  

Someone crop my face in a picture that's all I ask

2017-06-07 03:01:21 UTC  

I got you fam

2017-06-07 03:04:18 UTC  


2017-06-07 06:46:26 UTC  

There was mention of shields, who is actually committed to that idea? @here

2017-06-07 06:48:40 UTC  

I also recommend you bring back packs and put a helmet in it for just incase something goes down.

2017-06-07 11:48:13 UTC  

@Tyrone what's up man. Next time you guys have a meet up or do some vetting I'd like to know. Need to start meeting some fellow Goys around here

2017-06-07 11:51:02 UTC  

@FürMeineKameraden(TWP - NC) what area are you in fur?

2017-06-07 11:52:09 UTC  

Fayetteville -__-

2017-06-07 11:52:43 UTC  

Jacksonville here.

2017-06-07 11:55:53 UTC  

Nice, it's really hard to find someone who will admit their like minded around here, with all the enrichment and all

2017-06-07 11:56:34 UTC  

It's crazy because the most red pilled conversations I tend to have aren't even with fellow whites

2017-06-07 12:47:05 UTC  

I've got a guy in Fayetteville if you want to get vetted for our ID state group.

2017-06-07 12:50:27 UTC  

@O.W. von Diez How many will the house accommodate?

2017-06-07 12:55:11 UTC  

Wade anyone down near Jacksonville?

2017-06-07 12:57:55 UTC  

Not yet. Fayetteville is probably the closest contact in our group.

2017-06-07 13:04:16 UTC  

If we can't set something up by Cville, we'll just handle it there. We've been moving our pool parties around the state to get towards everyone. We'll do one near the coast soon.

2017-06-07 13:09:24 UTC  

Yeah August sounds like a great time, barring work schedule fucking me over I will be there.

2017-06-07 13:53:27 UTC  

@Wade Garrett I mean it be awesome to meet you guys however I'm TWP

2017-06-07 13:55:22 UTC  

@O.W. von Diez if shields are decided upon I can help with the manufacturing thereof, got a lot of wood and tools laying around

2017-06-07 14:16:04 UTC  

So if shields will be used, how many would need to be made to make everyone look "uniform"?

2017-06-07 14:45:27 UTC  

We don't know yet

2017-06-07 14:57:11 UTC  

That could work.

2017-06-07 15:13:30 UTC  

This isn't bad. You can see through it, which is a bonus.

2017-06-07 15:17:43 UTC  


2017-06-07 15:41:22 UTC  
2017-06-07 15:43:03 UTC  

@Wade Garrett you can add me as a friend and I'd like heads up whenever your guy in Fayetteville is doing something as to get vetted and to start meeting fellow goys close by

2017-06-07 16:30:54 UTC  


2017-06-07 19:07:47 UTC  

@Wade Garrett the more confirmations I get, the larger the house can be. Last time we could easily accommodate 20.