Message by PrimitveXaoc, in Charlottesville 2.0, #demonstration_tactics

Heinz - MI 2017-06-15 02:34:06

AFAIK this server is private, so unless we plan on bringing a bunch of randos in we can do it here.

Aaron - VA 2017-06-15 02:35:04

Those several people can be the medics. Anyone injured can go to the van as well.

пидорновичок 2017-06-15 02:35:09

No. This server is absolutely not private.

Heinz - MI 2017-06-15 02:35:19

We need to get this set in stone far enough in advance that we can all remember it, at least the group leaders. If something happens where we get compromised, we can have enough time to chnage plans without having to panic.

Heinz - MI 2017-06-15 02:35:33

Wait this is a public server?

пидорновичок 2017-06-15 02:35:38

Call some friends in your groups.

Aaron - VA 2017-06-15 02:35:47

This is public.

пидорновичок 2017-06-15 02:35:49

Yes, it's a public server.

Heinz - MI 2017-06-15 02:35:53


Heinz - MI 2017-06-15 02:36:05

was there an announcement or something?

Aaron - VA 2017-06-15 02:36:09

Which is why I am expecting violence

Aaron - VA 2017-06-15 02:36:10


Aaron - VA 2017-06-15 02:36:20

This is everyone's ball game.

Aaron - VA 2017-06-15 02:36:54

Most of the severe planning should be held within your group, if you're in one

Aaron - VA 2017-06-15 02:37:11

But I agree we need vans for everyone

Americana - MD 2017-06-15 02:38:14

Designated shuttle vehicles of some kind at least

Heinz - MI 2017-06-15 02:38:47

most of the sever planning should have fucking been in here

Heinz - MI 2017-06-15 02:39:01

since we had a secure discord server for it already

Heinz - MI 2017-06-15 02:39:02


Erika 2017-06-15 02:51:59

@пидорновичок unless Jason or Eli made this server public without telling me (which I doubt they would do) this isn't a public server. It's invite only through our trusted, pre-vetted alt-right servers. Not sure who told you it's public. We haven't even opened up this server to proud boys or the alt-lite because the other mods, event coordinators, and myself are all aware they act like kikes.

PrimitveXaoc 2017-06-15 05:47:38

Parking is a nightmare where this is occurring, I'm sure some of you know that. We do have several companies locally who rent out smaller sized busses etc, commonly for vineyard tours. A lot of people also rent busses from UVA to shuttle for special events or even the Charlottesville Trolley, which would make for some interesting optics. Renting a fleet of passenger vans from somewhere close by is another option. I will be attending with my husband in separate vehicles. I planned to be able to leave and help handle getting woman moved out if it got too bad. Utilizing a public school's parking lot nearby may be the largest free parking option for the masses.

TiborSzalasi-MI 2017-06-15 22:53:22

With the date being public, you can bet the left will be out scouting for our vehicles. Are there any secured lots nearby?

VasilistheGreek 2017-06-15 23:21:09

@TiborSzalasi-MI there are places about 1 mil away to park if you dont mind the walk

Goldstein Riots 2017-06-16 00:34:54

We'll have to coordinate this, it is a big safety issue.

Hand Banana 2017-06-16 02:14:35


Hand Banana 2017-06-16 02:14:46

Walking a mile in small groups is literally an invitation to be fucked up

Hand Banana 2017-06-16 02:14:57

Should really take the idea of a shuttle seriously

Goldstein Riots 2017-06-16 03:20:51

There are only 2 garages in the area.

Goldstein Riots 2017-06-16 03:30:51

UHaul cargo van would be cheap and could hold a good number of folks, it's not like we will be traveling far.

Goldstein Riots 2017-06-16 03:32:57

This shows the dimensions better.

PrimitveXaoc 2017-06-16 04:29:33

There are two garages downtown. They're both fairly crammed on a regular basis. Even on a random day of the week it can take awhile to drive around and find somewhere to park on the street. Add this size event and I can only imagine the crowds. I'm thinking that you may want to look in to the possibility of an airbnb apartment in the immediate area, there are some apartments right by the park. Possibility an immediate safe house/escape place for anyone higher profile who is not interested in being involved in any foolishness. One with a birds eye view of the park for security purposes would be optimal. I'm thinking it wouldn't be a bad idea to close down the streets surrounding the park itself. @MadDimension have you looked in to that at all? the street on the library side at the least? Other than that having a dedicated crew of people to occupy the on street spots with vehicles surrounding the park would be ideal.

Hand Banana 2017-06-16 07:37:34

@PrimitveXaocWhat are your credentials for planning ingress/egress?l

Hand Banana 2017-06-16 07:38:29

We should designate someone to plan logistics in this regard. Parking, movement to and from the ao

PrimitveXaoc 2017-06-16 10:48:23

In this situation, my credentials happen to be the fact that I've lived here my entire life. How well do you know he area? Also, I was mostly speaking to Jason. Excuse me for offering suggestions.

Heinz - MI 2017-06-16 19:28:22

So are there any large parking lots close to the area that we can use that won't be full? Either a secured lot, or somewhere that has cameras? Like next to a bank?

Heinz - MI 2017-06-16 19:29:55

We should lock down an area where we can all park at that is close by, and a spot to act as a rally point for shuttles. We can't have people walking by themselves to their cars or hotels, and Uber is going to be unreliable.

Heinz - MI 2017-06-16 19:35:40

Garages could be good, but we need to check the clearances on them, as rental vans are quite tall. Is that something you could do @PrimitveXaoc since you live in the area?

Heinz - MI 2017-06-16 19:36:47

Alternatively, if parking is going to be an issue like you say, we could have every group that is bringing passenger vans park at the lots and garages that are nearby and shuttle everyone that attends to lots further away.

TiborSzalasi-MI 2017-06-16 19:37:06

There are only 3 public garages/lots that show up on google