Message from Tyrone in Charlottesville 2.0 #demonstration_tactics

2017-06-16 19:29:55 UTC  

We should lock down an area where we can all park at that is close by, and a spot to act as a rally point for shuttles. We can't have people walking by themselves to their cars or hotels, and Uber is going to be unreliable.

2017-06-16 19:35:40 UTC  

Garages could be good, but we need to check the clearances on them, as rental vans are quite tall. Is that something you could do @PrimitveXaoc since you live in the area?

2017-06-16 19:36:47 UTC  

Alternatively, if parking is going to be an issue like you say, we could have every group that is bringing passenger vans park at the lots and garages that are nearby and shuttle everyone that attends to lots further away.

2017-06-16 19:37:06 UTC  

There are only 3 public garages/lots that show up on google

2017-06-16 19:37:12 UTC  

we likely wont fit in the garages

2017-06-16 19:37:28 UTC  

there's street parking off in the neighborhood

2017-06-16 19:37:34 UTC  

but thats dicey as well

2017-06-16 19:38:04 UTC  

The lot we were in last time was close, and it had cameras watching it. We could park there, but it won't fit everybody.

2017-06-16 19:42:33 UTC  

Either way I think the thing to stress here is that we CANNOT do what we did last time and just leave in groups of 3 or 4. We need to travel as one large group.

2017-06-16 19:46:09 UTC  

So, in August the Farmer's market downtown is in full swing. That takes up one of the larger secure lots behind the mall beside the larger of the parking garages. For secure close parking I would suggest using the Omni hotel parking garage (private) which is right beside where you all parked last time.(from what I saw from the videos posted) From where I saw you walking in the videos. That one is at least gated and has open areas that do not require clearance. It is also the lesser used of all of the lots.

2017-06-16 19:46:47 UTC  

Well, I'd suggest looking in to that as an option.

2017-06-16 19:47:06 UTC  

Why don't we park on campus?

2017-06-16 19:47:26 UTC  

School isn't in session and public school campuses are public access

2017-06-16 19:47:41 UTC  

Shuttle from there

2017-06-16 19:47:57 UTC  

Plus it will piss people off?

2017-06-16 19:48:10 UTC  

This is where we parked last time.

2017-06-16 19:48:18 UTC  

At least that's where my group parked.

2017-06-16 19:48:32 UTC  

Is this the lot you are saying will be closed?

2017-06-16 19:49:07 UTC  

I suggested that earlier as well, there are a few schools in the are none is truly close walking proximity but shuttling, yes.

2017-06-16 19:49:42 UTC  

The Omni lot literally connects to that one. Just happens to be more secure, they have security watching the lot cameras etc.

2017-06-16 19:50:23 UTC  

For egress, we start marching away all together and the shuttles will gradually pick up people from the front

2017-06-16 19:53:41 UTC  

Is Omni parking available for the public, or do you need to be a guest? If it is covered, what is the clearance on the ceiling?

2017-06-16 19:53:47 UTC  

That is not the lot that will be closed. It is one that fills up faster during the summer time. It really depends on if the locals are going to try to avoid the area like the plague that day.

2017-06-16 19:56:50 UTC  

Or how many people will be in town for this event. We don't see a lot of things like this here locally and I imagine it will draw some sizable crowds from all sides.

2017-06-16 20:00:02 UTC  

Part of me wishes we would crowd fund busses and leave from 5 miles away and roll up right next to the park like the New England Patriots.

2017-06-16 20:00:23 UTC  

^^^ there you go 😂

2017-06-16 20:00:26 UTC  

PARKING: People are either going to need to pay a few shekels to park in the Parking Garage about ($10 for the day) or we can shuttle them in from a nearby location like Darden-Towe Park

2017-06-16 20:00:51 UTC  

When 6-10 bus loads pull up and unload everyone it would send a message

2017-06-16 20:01:22 UTC  

Omni has open and closed lots and also will allow for busses to be parked there as well, you are not required to be a guest.

2017-06-16 20:03:10 UTC  

We can probably shuttle people in, but the shuttles will need to be parked closeby. Omni should work if that's the case.

2017-06-16 20:03:21 UTC  

@everyone It's absolutely critical that you not mill about in small groups, you'll get overtaken

2017-06-16 20:03:43 UTC  

every possible effort should be made to link up as soon as possible, shuttling is probably the best bet

2017-06-16 20:04:08 UTC  

@MadDimension Darden towe may possibly be packed that day I can check on the park schedules. Soccer games and other sports there. I was thinking Omni for Private or Clark School for public parking.

2017-06-16 20:05:29 UTC  

Also, Monticello high school has sizable lots and is about a 5 min drive (straight shot) from the downtown mall and outside city limits.

2017-06-16 20:05:51 UTC  

What about the McDonald's and Staples parking lots?

2017-06-16 20:06:23 UTC  

The Parking Garage at Carver Rec is open to the public as well

2017-06-16 20:06:30 UTC  

They have both started to crack down on parking.

2017-06-16 20:06:45 UTC  

2017-06-16 20:06:48 UTC  

2017-06-16 20:06:52 UTC  

I was just going to mention Carver. It ultimately all depends on if there are any other events.

2017-06-16 20:07:03 UTC