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These are actually the same as MIs laws. Neat.

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There's the whole thing about if you can be construed as part of the problem you're fucked

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SO basically go to USCCA and buy platinum insurance for the rally

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@Hand Banana that is good advice - we need to get a working paper pinned with that stuff on it

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Even in clear cut self defense it's going to be a legal battle

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Hence self defense insurance that covers 1.25 million dollars in legal fees and a bunch of other shit for 30/month

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@Americana - MD agreed - risk reward calculations will need to happen very quickly - because unless we get caught on a side street - it will be video taped

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You want self defense insurance no matter what

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Remember the guys from /k/ who got ran down by a mob and defended themselves? I think they just got 40 years

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^^ good call

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where was that?

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I like how we can have civilized discussions about these things and not get shut down or policed 👌🏻

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Good shit goys

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Yeah fellas- I am fucking excited - I got to meet everyone who came in for Austin - we had one of the best weekends of my year - and this will only be 10x

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Excited to meet everyone

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Just a heads up for people potentially thinking of using a knife. As ridiculous as it sounds knives are harder to argue self defense for.

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Physcologically people have a more visceral reaction to you as a hardened killer if you use a knife than if you use a gun which takes less finesse and is more common. Thats the way it goes with most juries

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That's probably half the reason our guys in Sacramento are even in court. When it was clear cut self defense

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For whatever reason the American public views stabbings as icky and criminal more so than guns. So it'll be more liable to get you legally tied up

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That is a good point

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Buuuuut. Guns can go through a body and hit bystanders which is guarenteed in a crowd situation.

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So use a less penetrating caliber if possible.

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And hollow points

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No jacketed or steel core rounds

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As long as they're soaked in bacon first

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Adds +1 to police presence and +2 against muzzies and kikes

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@kristall.night What's this with the cell phones? Why can't we bring our normal phones?

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Because if they get stolen you've created a massive security risk

2017-07-21 09:19:30 UTC  

Cheap prepaid phones with contacts put in with pseudonyms, or old cell phones that have been wiped of personal data and activated with a prepaid card. You don't want to be recording or streaming with your normal phone and have antifa snatch it while you're logged into all your accounts with a bunch of fashy contacts in your address book... And they love snatching phones when people try to record them. @AltRightMick

2017-07-21 09:21:08 UTC  

If you plan to keep it in your pocket with a good password/encryption or whatever, fine. But if you plan to have it out, using it to document the event, make sure there's no way they can use it to get info on you or anyone else you're associated with.

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@MadDimension is there a dress code for the friday night march?

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>buying airsoft helmets

2017-07-22 00:03:40 UTC