Message from Tyrone in Charlottesville 2.0 #gear_and_attire

2017-06-08 16:50:07 UTC  

as far as logos go, its our state organization's symbol

2017-06-08 16:51:04 UTC  

ultimately we need a US equivalent to the European Identitarian lambda

2017-06-08 16:51:36 UTC  

a movement symbol, rather than an organizations symbol

2017-06-08 17:00:16 UTC  

I agree completely. What we should also consider is dressing security the exact same but giving them a different patch to denote organization

2017-06-08 17:45:25 UTC  

Yes that would be most ideal. Allow each group its sovereignty but when coming together to unite the right we must LOOK united in appearance.

2017-06-08 17:45:31 UTC  

This is extremely critical

2017-06-08 18:20:07 UTC  

I see little reason not to use this logo, ultimately.

2017-06-08 18:20:51 UTC  

We can send a message of unity across the Eurosphere.

2017-06-08 18:21:40 UTC  

This is a civilization all conflict. It's not American Genocide, its White Genocide.

2017-06-08 18:23:04 UTC  

It would show that implicitly we are the same movement that Murdoch Murdoch is showing. It's also standard Anti-Communist colors and has a proven track record of triggering the SPLC.

2017-06-08 18:24:52 UTC

2017-06-08 18:25:02 UTC  

These are the sheilds that vanguard America has

2017-06-08 18:25:55 UTC  

I agree with using that flag as well we should contact the Europeans to see if they are fine with us co opting that as a symbol

2017-06-08 18:50:14 UTC  

We don't have to ask anyone. We rally behind it. Simple as that

2017-06-08 18:50:22 UTC  

I'm in favor of that symbol.

2017-06-08 18:52:55 UTC  

Yeah there's not exactly a trademark department for revolutionary and insurgent organizations

2017-06-08 18:55:21 UTC  

They are already pan-European, so it's not like we are flying a Nordic Resistance Movement or Golden Dawn flag as ours. That said....

2017-06-08 18:56:36 UTC  

I do like having representative flags of those organizations at certain types of our events to show that we are part of a coalition of likeminded groups.

2017-06-08 19:13:43 UTC

2017-06-08 19:23:49 UTC  

Here's another good banner idea.

2017-06-08 19:25:09 UTC

2017-06-08 20:08:37 UTC  

Needs to have a towel on his head

2017-06-08 20:24:26 UTC  

Needs to be spelled EVROPA

2017-06-08 20:30:27 UTC  

I put together a quick thing to explain the basics of making a shield.

2017-06-08 21:14:38 UTC

2017-06-08 21:14:49 UTC  

I put this together to explain the basics of making a shield

2017-06-08 21:40:39 UTC  

I put this together to explain the basics of using a shield

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2017-06-08 23:10:22 UTC  

@Heinz - MI had good advice you spergs lol

2017-06-09 01:13:13 UTC  

I love this.

2017-06-09 01:59:40 UTC  

The official right Shield of the Great American houseboat

2017-06-09 02:02:50 UTC  

I'll make sure we have stickers to give out, lol.

2017-06-09 13:13:24 UTC  

@Roscoe Are you coming?

2017-06-09 17:18:49 UTC  

@everyone I'll be at the hotel at 1300 (1pm) if anyone is here already. Spread the word.

2017-06-09 18:04:19 UTC  

@Kurt14Lipper I'll be there with bells on. Or at least an Exo shirt.

2017-06-09 19:25:54 UTC  

Alright, if we're expecting over 200 attendees we need another 190-200 bullwhips, who can bring there own and who needs a sponsor?

2017-06-09 19:37:58 UTC  

Might as well reset this now

2017-06-09 19:50:15 UTC  

Alright, here's what we do. We get whips, call them Islamic love strings, and say that we are showing Allah's love by whipping people. It will be islamophobic to oppose us.

2017-06-09 19:50:48 UTC  

We will be unstoppable literal white sharia.