Message from Gusty-Chan in Charlottesville 2.0 #gear_and_attire

2017-07-20 21:26:26 UTC  

I'm gonna be in the shield wall so I'm gonna rock steel toe.

2017-07-20 21:28:30 UTC  

I don't like steel toes personally, most of the time they will hurt you worse than if you wore normal boots.

2017-07-20 21:29:47 UTC  

@Kurt they'll work to get these commies to step back.

2017-07-20 21:31:05 UTC  

Kinda hard to catch a shin shattering on camera. Most video will be waist up

2017-07-20 21:31:31 UTC  

thats what your shield is for tho

2017-07-20 21:31:49 UTC  

much more effective than kicking

2017-07-20 21:31:51 UTC  

The boots are extra credit

2017-07-20 21:32:24 UTC  

So let me ask the most important question. Since you have the boot thing figured out.

2017-07-20 21:32:35 UTC  

What is your hydration plan?

2017-07-20 21:33:35 UTC  

Haven't really considered a hydration plan. I'll surely bring plenty of fluids that day.

2017-07-20 21:34:16 UTC  

heat is our biggest threat, not antifa. Get a camelback

2017-07-20 21:35:22 UTC  

I'll definitely consider that. I figured maybe the people behind the lines would take care of that.

2017-07-20 21:35:41 UTC  

Best to be self prepared.

2017-07-20 21:37:41 UTC  

I am working out the plan for it.

2017-07-20 21:38:57 UTC  

But the more people come prepared, the less water I will have to haul in and out.

2017-07-20 21:45:55 UTC  

I like the camel back idea about. Would like my dependence on others.

2017-07-20 21:46:36 UTC  

I've also been looking at baseball helmets. I don't want to end up like the u lock guy.

2017-07-20 21:47:12 UTC  

* limit

2017-07-20 21:47:16 UTC  

Buy an old steel helmet for like $25 online and buy some of the new style pads for $8

2017-07-20 21:47:21 UTC  

I think the medic support will bring water but if you are on the shield wall it might be hard to get to it. Camalbacks are a lifesaver!!

2017-07-20 21:48:02 UTC  

Speaking of steel helmets, does anyone know of a protective insert one could put in a hat?

2017-07-20 21:48:11 UTC

2017-07-20 21:48:14 UTC

2017-07-20 21:48:22 UTC  

I'm not trying to rock an SS style helmet. Wouldn't pay the right image

2017-07-20 21:48:56 UTC  

That looks sharp

2017-07-20 21:57:06 UTC  

you can get a PASGT for like $50 too

2017-07-20 22:08:34 UTC  

Thats a US helmet from Vietnam

2017-07-20 22:09:05 UTC  

M w/e

2017-07-20 22:39:03 UTC  

I'm bringing 3 plexiglass police shields. These are the same ones in police/army surplus catalogs for $150. You can cut the middleman and order them direct from China for $75 postage paid. Mine came really fast, so you could probably still get one in time if you order now.

2017-07-21 00:02:42 UTC  

Ok goys – help me and make sure I get this one right.
I am trying to show some agency and look up knife laws to see if we are good to carry this with us.
Two Sources :
I am pretty sure this is a PUSH DAGGER

It says it is legal to own
And does NOT say it is ILLEGAL to Carry

Highly recommend we all have this on our belt loop. I carry mine around almost everywhere

2017-07-21 00:25:09 UTC  

What are you going to do with that

2017-07-21 00:25:18 UTC  

A knife is a tool to get to a gun

2017-07-21 00:25:33 UTC  

If you're going to carry a knife you may as well carry a gun

2017-07-21 00:27:09 UTC  

Listen here, asshole

2017-07-21 00:27:29 UTC  

Quit running you mouth off, spewing your shit

2017-07-21 00:27:47 UTC  

You fucking fucker

2017-07-21 00:28:29 UTC  

This isn't the Jonesposting channel @I'm Not Sam Hyde

2017-07-21 00:30:33 UTC  

haha Well - for one at home - I carry that knife when I am drinking and cant carry my gun. Which is most of the time. Second, I was playing nice and listening to all of the leadership and going to leave my gun at home. Lastly, if I get hit, I will most defintely be wearing that on my fist when I return my next punch.

2017-07-21 00:32:30 UTC  

But lets be serious, there is less than a 1 percent chance I get hit, so its highly unlikely it will be necessary

2017-07-21 00:34:00 UTC  

Escalating from fisticuffs to a knife is a bad plan