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I dunno, man. There's nothing like the 251/16. The only thing better than flammenwerfer? Flammenwerfer x 2! Amirite?

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Ever ridden in one? Lol

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What about a stern panzer

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Well, no. That would be a once-in-a-lifetime affair.

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You know some militaries still use the Sd.Kfz it is a modernized version but Romania , Fhe Chezec republic , Hungry and some of the Balkans nations still use them

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I knew Hungary, but not the others. That's awesome. Yeah, the Balkans love their German weapons. It's the last place still using 7.92x57 ("8mm Mauser") in any quantity. Which is a shame, because it's a damn good round. I have one of the Egyptian contract FN-49 rifles chambered for it.

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Gotta get your reenact on son

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That's glorious! Heil Hitler!

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You've probably seen this short film (4 parts), then. But in case you haven't:

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Features StuGs and a couple 251/16s.

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We had trucks too lol

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In what part of the country do you live?

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No shit. So you do the Bulge show at Indiantown Gap?

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Those pics are from the Reading airshow and Fort Indiantown Gap event

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I did

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Haven't reenacted in a couple years though

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Nice. I'm actually originally from Scranton, and went back there for my undergraduate work.

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I'm from Baltimore originally but PA is Eden compared to MD

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Well, I can't speak from experience. "The Wire" is all that's been necessary to keep me clear of Charm City.

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When I was young we did live smack in the middle of Philadelphia, which was fine. But later, my dad had to work in West Philly, which was not.

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The wire is an accurate depiction of the ghetto. White areas are safe or were. Since the riots (that I joy rided through) the niggers have been spilling over since the cops don't give a damn after being thrown under the bus

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We later moved out to Bryn Mawr, and he even did a rotation at Geisinger, so we lived in Danville for half a year.

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Exactly. I'm familiar with several long-serving members of our local law enforcement here around Columbia, SC, and they are unanimous in expressing their frustration at the knowledge that they can't actually police because no one up the chain of command will have their back. They're also utterly disgusted by the defeatist, lazy, and plea-happy, if not downright catch-and-release prosecutors.

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These are men who felt a calling to their work (most after their military service, to boot), and can't believe what a mockery the institution to which they long ago chose to dedicate their lives has become.

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It's sort of like a more compact, intense version of what I think all of us truly red-pilled feel.

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I guarantee 9/10 White cops are either WN or sympathetic

I'm from a cop family and all my kin are sympathetic to us

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Well, once you're actually exposed to the filth, you know the score. Classmates at Scranton used to dismiss my "racism" as "ignorance" I had picked up in SC. I would explain to them that Richland County, SC is equal parts Black and White, so I had lived the experience, while they were the ones ignorant of the problem because they'd never left their insulated zip codes out in the wealthy Philadelphia suburbs.

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@PureDureSure yeah the Serbs love the 8mm the Serbian army uses a big AK in 8mm and I have one 😊

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No shit? That's amazing. I want one now! Actually, do they make an RPK variant? Lol

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That's really neat! It's like a battle rifle counterpart to the AK. It's actually a lot like the PSL, isn't it? Just less DMR-oriented.

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When were these imported and what are they called?

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It is called a M76 sniper rifle

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Decisions decisions

Leaning PASGT but that face shield...