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2017-03-14 00:59:44 UTC  

thats funny considering that there are no native monkeys in australia

2017-03-14 00:59:46 UTC  

Nuuuu... ;3;

2017-03-14 00:59:58 UTC  

I'm onyl afraid of the white tail spider... because it's infection spreads and rots your flesh

2017-03-14 00:59:59 UTC  

cats are immune to most spiders though

2017-03-14 01:00:20 UTC  

@Onyxryde what about the funnel web spider? and that huge brown one

2017-03-14 01:00:33 UTC  

the huge brown one? like the huntsman?

2017-03-14 01:00:42 UTC  

But.. they look scary... ;3;

2017-03-14 01:00:48 UTC  

the funnel web is black

2017-03-14 01:00:49 UTC  


2017-03-14 01:00:53 UTC  

yeah, the one thats agressive

2017-03-14 01:00:56 UTC  

i dunno, the funnel web... don't really see it

2017-03-14 01:00:59 UTC  

i don't know if i'm more afraid of the funnel web or the mouse spider

2017-03-14 01:01:10 UTC  

@Onyxryde you're probably far away from sydney

2017-03-14 01:01:24 UTC  

but I was laying on the ground and my ex jsut suddenly sits up and sees a white tail near my leg and kills it

2017-03-14 01:01:36 UTC  

thankfully i don't live on an island where everything and its cousin is trying to kill me

2017-03-14 01:01:44 UTC  

but i do have to worry about hobo spiders

2017-03-14 01:01:45 UTC  

i live in the suburbs near sydney

2017-03-14 01:01:49 UTC  

with what

2017-03-14 01:02:28 UTC  

a shoe

2017-03-14 01:02:35 UTC  

man I really dislike poisonous shit, thats why I never went to australia

2017-03-14 01:02:41 UTC  

Good night, I'm getting sleepy! Talk to you people later!! Bye!☆

2017-03-14 01:02:43 UTC  

it's not that bad

2017-03-14 01:02:48 UTC  

i think you mean venomous

2017-03-14 01:02:56 UTC  

good night

2017-03-14 01:03:04 UTC  

but in my native region we had this snake that can bite through its own jaw to get to you if you catch and hold it

2017-03-14 01:03:28 UTC  

i think that I would rather be in ac age with a snake than in acage with a lion or a bear

2017-03-14 01:03:33 UTC  


2017-03-14 01:03:39 UTC  


2017-03-14 01:03:42 UTC  

i'd rather not be in a cage with any of them

2017-03-14 01:03:52 UTC  

that's dedication

2017-03-14 01:03:53 UTC  

the snake would just run away from the cage man

2017-03-14 01:04:01 UTC  

most snakes dont want to bite you

2017-03-14 01:04:05 UTC  

yeah, when you walk in the bush, jsut be loud

2017-03-14 01:04:07 UTC  

gyurza does though

2017-03-14 01:04:16 UTC  

its the freakin funnel web of snakes

2017-03-14 01:04:32 UTC  

it's got a vendetta against everything

2017-03-14 01:04:39 UTC  

thats hard when you're playing airsoft

2017-03-14 01:05:01 UTC  

I was lucky I THINK I stepped ona brown snake, it was half in logn grass, I stepped on it, look down... it slithered into the grass, I only saw half of it... it was lightish brown so I assuem it was a brown snake

2017-03-14 01:05:03 UTC  

with redbacks (more poisonous version, fully black) and gyurzas everywhere

2017-03-14 01:05:40 UTC  

I never go out into nature without my tough military boots

2017-03-14 01:05:50 UTC  

I think because it was half in the grass it had nowhere to go but forward