Message from His Imperial Majesty Prince Bren in MrRepzion 🐍 #chat

2017-03-14 01:20:39 UTC  

but that's why you don't put your hands in cracks and spaces

2017-03-14 01:20:51 UTC  

wiki says the venom is similar to black widow, but not nearly as powerful

2017-03-14 01:21:26 UTC  

If I lived an AU, I would plastic wrap my shoes every time

2017-03-14 01:22:34 UTC  


2017-03-14 01:22:55 UTC  

if I am paranoid abotu spiders in my shoe I stomp my shoe

2017-03-14 01:23:12 UTC  

the spider is not that easy to shake out

2017-03-14 01:23:24 UTC  

I'm super paranoid about spiders

2017-03-14 01:23:33 UTC  

yeah i wouldn't shake it cause..then it would fall out and then i have no control of where it goes

2017-03-14 01:23:37 UTC  

man I'm having a panic attack

sup boys

2017-03-14 01:23:56 UTC  

My biggest fear is so stupid though

2017-03-14 01:24:06 UTC  

not as stupid as mine

2017-03-14 01:24:16 UTC  

i don't midn spiders and snakes but i am so afraid of cockroaches

2017-03-14 01:24:42 UTC  

and that fear escalated when I learned that they could fucking fly

2017-03-14 01:24:49 UTC  

I'm afraid of:
1) Riding bikes
2) Spiders
3) Wasps

2017-03-14 01:25:06 UTC  

one of my friends loves spiders

2017-03-14 01:25:16 UTC  

I really dislike snakes but I dont have panic attacks from watching photos of snakes

2017-03-14 01:25:18 UTC  

riding bikes?

2017-03-14 01:25:25 UTC  

riding dykes?

2017-03-14 01:26:18 UTC  

yeah, if I imagine myself on a bicycle, my mind always goes out of control and paints an image of me loosing control and crashing with my heart rate spiking IRL

2017-03-14 01:26:33 UTC  

o .. hmm

2017-03-14 01:26:38 UTC  

is that because you crashed in real?

2017-03-14 01:26:45 UTC  


2017-03-14 01:26:45 UTC  

what damage could you possubly do on a bike?

2017-03-14 01:26:49 UTC  

yeah, when I was ~12 or 13

2017-03-14 01:27:09 UTC  

well you can get really fu*ked up on bike

2017-03-14 01:27:16 UTC  

I'm the sexiest 12 year old boy

2017-03-14 01:27:33 UTC  

I think you can say fuck in here

2017-03-14 01:27:40 UTC  

do I want to?

2017-03-14 01:27:44 UTC  

fuck no

2017-03-14 01:27:47 UTC  

when I was little my brother rode my bikie and the tyre was flat, and he crashed it and went down a hill, he was cut all over

2017-03-14 01:27:50 UTC  

I never swear

2017-03-14 01:28:27 UTC  

both of my breaks failed when I was riding on a downhill road with some occasional cars

2017-03-14 01:28:28 UTC  

but also when i was like 12, we used to go down hills and let go of the handle bar

2017-03-14 01:28:39 UTC  

so I decided to take a hit before I get too fast

2017-03-14 01:28:40 UTC  

and i did it for too long and flipped lol

2017-03-14 01:29:56 UTC  

I didnt hit any cars, but ended up falling to the left and getting cut, burnt and scraped pretty bad

2017-03-14 01:30:25 UTC  

to this day I have trouble turning left on any vehicle starting from a scooter and ending with a car

2017-03-14 01:31:36 UTC  

i was so confused at first, as we driveo n the left lol

2017-03-14 01:31:44 UTC  

really, it was that truamatising?

2017-03-14 01:32:22 UTC  

I'm not sure if it's connected