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2017-07-29 16:22:31 UTC  

I got mine back in a week so I would try and see what happens

2017-07-29 16:25:47 UTC  

I dunno it doesn't take a $200/hr lawyer to read and understand one sentence but that's just me. I doubt anyone will be tackled to the ground and cuffed because you pulled out and donned a respirator if antifa started spewing pepper spray.

2017-07-29 17:09:43 UTC  

It all depends on the state and the town, in RI it can take from 2 weeks for some of the town permits to over 6mo for CCW from the attorney general then states like NJ or NY can take years

2017-07-29 17:10:57 UTC  

Take it for what it's worth, but LEO's arrested a bunch of Antifa for masking up after tear gas was deployed.

2017-07-29 17:11:26 UTC  

At the Klan rally recently.

2017-07-29 19:09:36 UTC  

"We tried to gas you but you tried to protect yourself from it now you're under arrest"

2017-07-29 19:17:18 UTC  

Law and law enforcement doesn't always make sense, but it is what it is.

2017-07-29 20:40:23 UTC  

@Melektaus @Johnny O'Malley they arrested a man dressed up in joker face paint and charged him with a felony

2017-07-29 20:41:08 UTC  

They're going to remember who wears any kind of mask and will arrest you the first chance they get.

2017-07-29 23:42:19 UTC  

I concede. I forget police aren't on our side. Yet.

2017-07-30 03:17:37 UTC  

Most of them are in Philly lol

2017-07-30 07:29:23 UTC  

Well the face paint joker was a special case, it was some guy dressed up as the joker in carrying around a sword which is legal to carry a sword but they wanted to arrest him and used that as an excuse.

2017-07-30 07:29:41 UTC  

so it means what they want it to mean

2017-07-30 19:44:41 UTC  

When they have political demonstations happening with two aggravated sides, they WILL arrest you for covering your face

2017-07-30 19:46:01 UTC  

@here so what is the conclusion on open carry? I want a sound and solid take on it.

What I mean is, who here has talked to the Cville police about our options for open carry because the 3%ers are always at these things with their guns out right?

2017-07-30 19:47:48 UTC  

@Mack Albion
Check pinned messages. I believe that all the information you need is there.

2017-07-30 19:52:10 UTC  

Nope, read through the pins again @crockett and I am seeing nothing like what I asked. It seems that if they really want to they can nail you hard if you are carrying and say you get in a fight, my question is 'what is the current state/mood of the police in this?' because a LOT rides on that.

2017-07-30 19:52:55 UTC  

I guess another way of putting it is this:

2017-07-30 19:53:21 UTC  

Antifa are going to be the ones starting shit, we already know this, do the cops know this?

2017-07-30 19:54:04 UTC  

If I have to smash an antifa in the face for coming at me with a pole, are the cops going to be assholes about the gun I have on my belt?

2017-07-30 19:54:11 UTC  

I haven't spoken to anyone in the PD. I can't answer who they think will start the violence.

2017-07-30 19:54:20 UTC  

Okay I think we need to find out

2017-07-30 19:55:03 UTC  

Are you thinking that having a gun on you while you get into a fight will bring extra charges?

2017-07-30 19:55:19 UTC  

It says as much in the pins

2017-07-30 19:55:38 UTC  

Enacting a "felony" while possessing a gun can bring extra charges

2017-07-30 19:55:49 UTC  

So it all depends upon the police

2017-07-30 19:55:53 UTC  

Worst case scenario

2017-07-30 19:56:33 UTC  

Depending upon the situation they will be stricter or more lenient, this is just the nature of reality and policing

2017-07-30 19:57:02 UTC  

Their political slant matters, the political slant of the chief of police matters too

2017-07-30 19:57:20 UTC  

Pressure from the public one way or another also comes into play

2017-07-30 19:57:31 UTC  

Police are just guys trying to do a job and keep the peace

2017-07-30 19:57:42 UTC  

But they WILL take sides, the job kinda requires it

2017-07-30 19:58:10 UTC  

They can charge you with whatever they want. You'll just have to fight it out with the prosecutor or a judge if it makes it to trial.

2017-07-30 19:58:39 UTC  

They have a new chief

2017-07-30 19:58:41 UTC  

Since June

2017-07-30 19:59:10 UTC  

He's a Wes Bellamy pick.

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VSP were the main LEO's for the klan rally