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2017-07-30 20:09:54 UTC  

WHY is this "okay?"

2017-07-30 20:12:54 UTC  

I'm continuing this in <#321378710265659393>

2017-07-30 20:41:24 UTC  

Bootlicking cops is not going to gain us anything

2017-07-30 20:52:48 UTC  

Acting like an ancap autiste is only going to get you treated like a nigger

2017-07-30 20:54:44 UTC  

Im not saying you should do the Antifa "all cops are bastards chants" but doing the "blue lives matter" chants and bootlicking is equally as bad. Cops are not our friends. Just act professional and respectful

2017-07-30 20:57:03 UTC  

Same thing.

2017-07-30 20:57:57 UTC  

Get to know more cops IRL

No one hates niggers more than white cops

2017-07-30 20:58:12 UTC  

The police chief of Cville is not even white

2017-07-30 20:58:47 UTC  

VSP will be the main force on the ground, i.e. rural whites from VA

2017-07-30 21:00:45 UTC  

Like I said, we should be professional and respectful when interacting with law enforcement but I just don't want people to get some false idea that the police as an entity are our friends or are on our side. That's all

2017-07-30 21:01:17 UTC  

The institute isn't

Individual rank and file may be

2017-07-30 21:02:14 UTC  

And many times it's those individuals who decide if you are getting a warning or a felony

2017-07-30 21:10:21 UTC  

There will be plenty of Oathcucks there to chant blue lives matter. We won't have to do it.

2017-07-30 21:12:43 UTC  

Can't we ban them?? Lol

2017-07-30 21:13:23 UTC  


2017-07-30 21:13:51 UTC  

Yeah.. I despise those larpy tryhards

2017-07-30 21:14:38 UTC  

They usually stand in the middle with the police anyway

2017-07-30 21:42:27 UTC  

They won't be allowed in our AO as far as I know. I doubt that the PD will let them stand with them either. Not at this rally.

2017-07-30 22:15:01 UTC  

Guess they'll have to stand with Antifa

2017-07-30 22:22:09 UTC

2017-07-30 22:22:29 UTC  

@Tiwaz that's their plan according to this guy

2017-07-31 00:03:34 UTC  

what's the legality on this

2017-07-31 00:06:35 UTC  

I'm dying over here.

2017-07-31 10:31:04 UTC  

Reminder that if you're arrested, even if you didn't do anything wrong

2017-08-04 00:18:38 UTC  

Laws on pocket knives?

2017-08-04 00:21:33 UTC  

@Mr. Bulldops see pinned mess. No problems with pocket knives. Anything else is pretty much a no

2017-08-04 00:56:27 UTC  

@greg-ky Got it, thanks.

2017-08-04 01:42:32 UTC  

Are the cops going to search for weapons at some checkpoint?

2017-08-04 01:42:39 UTC  

Is there a list of forbidden items

2017-08-04 01:42:55 UTC  

nvm just saw above

2017-08-04 01:43:51 UTC  

Someone discussed knives above, what abount blunt objects like batons?

2017-08-04 01:44:57 UTC  

If you don't have a flame thrower you're wrong. Just oven yourself and get it over with

2017-08-04 18:37:42 UTC  

Does anyone here know if expandable spring batons can be carried openly

2017-08-04 18:37:45 UTC  

or not at all

2017-08-04 18:37:55 UTC  

Can you only carry ASP's, period?

2017-08-04 18:38:04 UTC  

The law on this seems super ague

2017-08-04 18:38:05 UTC  


2017-08-04 18:40:45 UTC  

Soring batons completely illegal to my knowledge

2017-08-04 20:07:47 UTC  

I call the Virginia State Police and ask if Firearms was the only reciprocated weapon. I was told by the dispatcher that any weapon that you could carry in the state of Kentucky concealed carry their. I'm not sure if that's entirely correct but that's what the state police told me

2017-08-04 20:08:05 UTC