Message from Erika in Charlottesville 2.0 #lodging_wanted

2017-07-15 16:52:27 UTC  

Anybody know a place to camp in the area?

2017-07-15 17:34:21 UTC  

Cris if you came let me know 👌🏻

2017-07-15 17:34:54 UTC  

Also <@&321389309162815488> <@&321389548984729600> can someone assign @Vice Commander Hunt vanguard role please?

2017-07-15 17:46:42 UTC  

I'm coming, already have it scheduled. Only thing is logistics

2017-07-15 17:51:22 UTC  

Charlottesville KOA
Misty Mountain Camp Resort
Heavenly Acres Campground
Loft Mountain Campground
Waynesboro 340 N Campground
James River State Park

2017-07-15 23:50:54 UTC  

I need some poverty tier lodging if anyone has any ideas

2017-07-16 00:07:37 UTC  

$20 in quarters will get you tent or floorspace at our flophouse if @TiborSzalasi-MI approves

2017-07-16 01:00:49 UTC  

I've got 4 guys coming up from the midwest who could use cheap lodging

2017-07-16 01:07:27 UTC  

@The Inquisitor [☧] there are still some good HomeAway and Airbnb's left. 5 of you guys could fit in a double full hotel room for pretty cheap. Whatever you do, just don't book the Charlottesville Super 8 Motel.

2017-07-16 01:09:38 UTC  

The 4 included myself

2017-07-16 01:10:17 UTC  

@Erika what's wrong with the Super 8?

2017-07-16 01:45:13 UTC  

Well A) Its shitty

2017-07-16 01:45:21 UTC  

B) Its probably going to be full of Antifa

2017-07-16 02:11:57 UTC  

@The Inquisitor [☧] I stayed at the Super8 last time. It sucked. Staying at the econolodge this go round.

2017-07-16 02:29:41 UTC  

@The Inquisitor [☧] what McCarthy and Goldstein said.

2017-07-16 17:38:42 UTC  

If I am traveling by myself, should I just get a motel room (that's not Super 8) or do I have better options?

2017-07-16 18:55:24 UTC  

You're in IE

2017-07-16 18:55:35 UTC  

Contact them and see who has space

2017-07-17 20:23:57 UTC  

@AltRightMick Hop in <#321392259574661142> brother; we'll take care of you.

2017-07-17 22:21:20 UTC  

@Uilliam Cionnaoith - MD similar issue. Can't seem to find the channel in the sidebar though.

2017-07-17 22:34:08 UTC  

@Joseph McCarthy - NJ I haven't given you that role yet. I'll set you up now so you can access the IE channel

2017-07-18 00:06:21 UTC  

@Goldstein Riots that's where we are booked too

2017-07-18 00:06:26 UTC  


2017-07-18 00:06:57 UTC  

Kind of concerned it's gonna be hosting some antifa also

2017-07-18 00:33:34 UTC  

Then get one of those pussy hats to hide your fashy hair. @RexLexus

2017-07-18 01:07:59 UTC  

@RexLexus it'll be fine, just need to be low key at the hotel.

2017-07-18 04:57:13 UTC  

Does anyone need a roommate?

2017-07-18 05:10:54 UTC  
2017-07-18 08:23:45 UTC  

I have 2-3 driving out from Colorado.

2017-07-18 08:24:50 UTC  

Anyone know of some lodging? I'm fine to sleep in my car and shower at a local YMCA, but we at least need to be able to put up 1-2 of us somewhere.

2017-07-18 09:17:32 UTC  

Are they ok with tents or floorspace?

2017-07-19 02:32:05 UTC  

Looking for a place to stay during the weekend. Hopefully somewhere in town. I would prefer to stay with a group of 4-5 at least for safety reasons.

2017-07-19 02:36:46 UTC  

I'd be fine with floorspace.

2017-07-19 02:36:55 UTC  

Others would as well.

2017-07-19 02:38:09 UTC  

Hell I'd sleep under the stars on a back porch so long as the location was safe.

2017-07-19 03:43:06 UTC  

Looking at rooms in the area. Most are sold out so if there isn't any space with someone, I will probably just book my own soon. Let me know.

2017-07-19 19:38:28 UTC  

Our house is going to be packed, we're already well over capacity

2017-07-20 01:26:55 UTC  

Looking for a spot for two goys for friday night....

2017-07-20 19:32:52 UTC  

@everyone For those with packed houses might I make a suggestion. Wait List further inquires. The nature of events is that some people will no show or something will come up. So have trusted people you can includes instead of random people. This will keep our people from grabbing a random hotel room down the hall from Antifa or getting a DUI while we have extra space that could have been filled.

2017-07-21 01:32:51 UTC  

@O.W. von Diez still got a cot for me?

2017-07-21 02:35:08 UTC  

@Chad Radkersburg-ND You've DM'd me about it before correct?