Message from LadyOfTheBlackSun in Charlottesville 2.0 #lodging_wanted

2017-08-05 17:00:47 UTC  

@Markus Anthony A hotel room

2017-08-05 17:22:16 UTC  

yeah thats what its looking like. We have 4 people, so 2 rooms should do.

2017-08-05 20:47:23 UTC  

If any one wants to throw in w. me and get a hotel room. hmu.

2017-08-06 04:27:53 UTC  

Still looking for something in CVille. Party of 6

2017-08-06 15:11:27 UTC  

How long have you been looking?

2017-08-06 18:46:40 UTC  

just scince yesterday

2017-08-06 19:33:53 UTC  

Im with a party of 2 to 3 looking for a room.

2017-08-06 23:22:21 UTC  

anybody got a room for thursday night?

2017-08-07 02:53:59 UTC  

There are lots of campgrounds. Most of the cabins are getting booked up, but there are still places to camp out with a tent that have shower facilities.. Or if you bring a cot or something maybe people can squeeze you in.

2017-08-08 17:21:24 UTC  

Lodging fell thru for Friday and Saturday now. What do?

2017-08-08 17:22:00 UTC  

Go camping?

2017-08-08 17:26:18 UTC  

^ That

2017-08-08 20:07:12 UTC  

Looking for a space for Friday night only for myself and one other. Even if it is the parking lot and we end up sleeping in the truck, as long as we are with a group for when we head to the satellite points. Or, if any coordinators are lurking, we could just camp the night out at said location. We aren't getting into cville until at least midnight Friday (so technically Saturday)

2017-08-09 00:32:41 UTC  

The owner of Foxfield Inn just told me that he will not refuse service to anyone. It looks like a high dollar luxery place though.

2017-08-09 00:47:00 UTC  

Has anyone tried

2017-08-09 00:47:23 UTC  

it's worth a shot

2017-08-09 19:06:04 UTC  

I have a famous guy from /pol/ that is coming up from Texas that is looking to stay with someone. PM me if you have a room available.

2017-08-09 19:54:40 UTC  


2017-08-09 19:59:08 UTC  
2017-08-09 20:07:21 UTC  

It seems like everyone thinks they are famous these days

2017-08-10 02:10:32 UTC  

I possibly have some space left if anyone needs it pm me and we can chat.

2017-08-10 02:21:13 UTC  
2017-08-10 02:23:12 UTC  


2017-08-10 05:13:14 UTC  

Still got floor space for one, youd be roomin with anticom, but were p chill,

2017-08-10 20:41:42 UTC  

@VenusFröst Could 2 people theoretically fit

2017-08-10 20:41:56 UTC  

if so PM me

2017-08-10 20:42:16 UTC  

if they are a couple and squeeze tight

2017-08-11 00:56:10 UTC  

my lodging fell through but I'm still coming out with a sleeping bag in my backpack, so looking for a space on the floor I could reimburse someone for. I guess it's your call what the going rate on floor space is

2017-08-11 11:16:13 UTC  

Any lodging left?

2017-08-11 17:53:40 UTC  

what he said ^