Message from Charlemagne MD in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-07-08 16:34:42 UTC  

You're on the hit list bud

2017-07-08 16:34:54 UTC  

Don't go to baseball practice

2017-07-08 16:48:21 UTC  

@Herrenvolk - MD Congratulations!

2017-07-08 17:57:34 UTC  


2017-07-08 17:57:52 UTC  

Antifa and all sorts of craziness this is a small preview for August

2017-07-08 18:04:06 UTC  

They sound tired

2017-07-08 18:09:20 UTC  

@here anyone have a good live stream of the klan rally. I want to do a analysis of events as a preview for August.

2017-07-08 18:18:36 UTC  

Periscope will be up at @altrighttradcat @everyone

2017-07-08 18:19:06 UTC  

This is the only one I've found so far

2017-07-08 18:19:16 UTC  

That's one of our main local stalkers

2017-07-08 18:19:44 UTC  

Try Pam

2017-07-08 18:19:52 UTC  

They have a live stream.

2017-07-08 18:20:04 UTC  

That's probably pam Starsia's

2017-07-08 18:20:27 UTC  

The amount of cat ladies is too damn high.

2017-07-08 18:20:56 UTC  

Their low energy af

2017-07-08 18:21:15 UTC  

Are they saying "No cops"?

2017-07-08 18:21:37 UTC  


2017-07-08 18:21:48 UTC  

@DavyCrockett start the stream boiii

2017-07-08 18:27:06 UTC  

Fucking Cucks

2017-07-08 18:28:13 UTC  

@everyone This is why you need to bring out numbers for August 12th. If you're not recruiting alredy you need to get on it.

2017-07-08 18:33:11 UTC  

Dear God, these people are pathetic.

2017-07-08 18:33:28 UTC  

Only White people carrying BLM signs

2017-07-08 18:34:32 UTC  

Cucks, cat ladies, and gibs-grabbers, disgusting

2017-07-08 18:34:49 UTC  


2017-07-08 18:34:57 UTC  

@JacksonSmith - PA/TX Hoteps spread anti-white revisionist history written by left wing Jews like Martin Bernal. As long as they're wedded to that, they aren't an ally

2017-07-08 18:37:19 UTC  

They really aren't. They're just based anti-White niggers who slightly understand the JQ

2017-07-08 18:39:03 UTC  

Right. Jay-Z's latest album is hip to the JQ doesn't make him an ally

2017-07-08 18:44:01 UTC  

A thousand ovens are not enough for these counter-protesters.

2017-07-08 18:59:55 UTC  

Rainbow Gadsen flag. I'm going to puke

2017-07-08 19:02:06 UTC  

@everyone RT this stream! Our guy is getting swarmed by leftists!

2017-07-08 19:02:30 UTC  

kessler he denied knowing you 3 times

2017-07-08 19:02:32 UTC  

very biblical

2017-07-08 19:02:36 UTC  


2017-07-08 19:03:28 UTC  

You got the twitter link to that periscope?

2017-07-08 19:05:17 UTC