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2017-08-12 19:15:35 UTC  

@William Wallace @Charlemagne MD @weisserwolf @whattheheck what WE need to shill this to everyone. But it needs to ve organized differently, and far more structured

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2017-08-12 19:15:54 UTC  

@yeah dude I'm with you

2017-08-12 19:16:02 UTC  

From now on a military structure should be utilized

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2017-08-12 19:16:23 UTC  

We need each organization to be in separate formations ect...

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2017-08-12 19:16:36 UTC  

And leaders of their respective a org's have to put their feet down on poor behavior

2017-08-12 19:16:38 UTC  

And this ct event WILL be open carry

2017-08-12 19:16:49 UTC  

We will march with out arms

2017-08-12 19:17:01 UTC  

@yeah dude think we can get that amount of force?

2017-08-12 19:17:18 UTC  

With out or with our?

2017-08-12 19:17:41 UTC  

@weisserwolf yes, but it needs to be shilled harder than this event

2017-08-12 19:17:44 UTC  

Honestly what's going to help us the most is to fucking organize into one group instead of over 15

2017-08-12 19:18:06 UTC  

@IdentityIndiana good luck with that

2017-08-12 19:18:14 UTC  

yeah good luck

2017-08-12 19:18:18 UTC  

@IdentityIndiana agreed. The amount of randomness hindered our message

2017-08-12 19:18:23 UTC  

When do we go back?

2017-08-12 19:18:25 UTC  

@yeah dude not saying its even doable just what would help

2017-08-12 19:18:45 UTC  

@IdentityIndiana thats a surefire way to have infighting out the ass

2017-08-12 19:19:08 UTC  

We need an event on private property

2017-08-12 19:19:14 UTC  

@yeah dude like we do now?

2017-08-12 19:19:23 UTC  

@yeah dude several groups easier to not get arrested or RICO

2017-08-12 19:19:23 UTC  

So much bad optics it's hard to begin. So many chances to bring on normies, lost

2017-08-12 19:19:47 UTC  

Most normies wont become white nationalists

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2017-08-12 19:20:10 UTC  

More would if there wasn't nazi larping

2017-08-12 19:20:30 UTC  

You don't need normies in your ranks. You need to wake them up to niggers as mayors in their town problem

2017-08-12 19:20:39 UTC  

All for CT. @yeah dude Ping me or William Wallacr, we lead vetting for CT Bookclub

2017-08-12 19:20:46 UTC  

Love Nazis but that is not the way to win more hearts and minds

2017-08-12 19:21:09 UTC  

The media insists on calling today a KKK rally so we also gotta do something about that

2017-08-12 19:21:41 UTC  

@everyone @here very important information at one point during the Convoy we got separated and ended up following an unmarked black van full of for Sheriff's. Well we were following them they had stopped and pulled over and pulled up skews me to a silver charger also with cops in it. The silver charger that ran over people was a cop it was either a false flag or a botched f****** move that the police are now covering up and blaming on us

2017-08-12 19:21:45 UTC  

Nsm shouldn't have been there. That's boomer level white nationalism

2017-08-12 19:21:49 UTC  

Billions have been spent by Hollywood and the media to make Nazis synonymous with Evil, why fight that fight? We are white Americans

2017-08-12 19:22:10 UTC  

Sweet. Connecticut.... A far drive for all.

2017-08-12 19:22:48 UTC  

While this could have been spun sympathetically, we have all suffered a major setback in public sentiment because some of us felt like being clever, pretending this is 8chan, and started saluting.

Good job you good goys.

2017-08-12 19:23:02 UTC  

Anyone carrying a nazi flag also need a sit down bc they aren't thinking about the future. Some of these lads are solely looking for an outlet to larp

2017-08-12 19:23:07 UTC  

@whattheheck unless you want to take over the media, what is your great plan for that?

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2017-08-12 19:23:37 UTC  

There was a dude today with a Soviet flag tattoo holding a swastika flag

2017-08-12 19:23:44 UTC  

@unkukable is right. This isn't 8chan, this isn't 1933. What the fuck were some of us thinking?

NIGEL FARAGE is even against us now.