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2017-08-07 15:00:15 UTC  

Has anyone looked into a state or federal park nearby with camping fasciitis?
A government run facility can't deny you service.

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2017-08-07 15:00:54 UTC  

We'd hope it couldn't deny people, it would only be too retarded if some state rep went "nah"

2017-08-07 15:00:57 UTC  

lemme look

2017-08-07 15:01:09 UTC  

it's peak camping time

2017-08-07 15:01:15 UTC  

Honestly a private company isn't supposed to be allowed to deny lodging based on political beliefs either....

2017-08-07 15:01:36 UTC  

Found one in gladstone and cumberland

2017-08-07 15:01:44 UTC  

Still looks like 100$ or so rooms are available. Split that 4 ways isn't bad

2017-08-07 15:02:58 UTC  

Lake Anna might be the closest

2017-08-07 15:02:59 UTC  

@The Goy Scout Yeah but it takes an attorney to enforce laws with private entities. A government facility simply can't do it.

2017-08-07 15:03:23 UTC  

Did you look at the statement they gave, scout?

2017-08-07 15:04:16 UTC  

I saw it briefly

2017-08-07 15:04:17 UTC

2017-08-07 15:04:45 UTC  

All of you guys looking for camping on government campgrounds should post your findings on the lodging channel and spread it through the community ... but be careful because Antifa might catch wind and cause problems by intruding on your camp or by staging protests at the grounds

2017-08-07 15:05:04 UTC  

they don't want anyone who opposes the political party of Airbnb Community Commitment

2017-08-07 15:05:52 UTC  

I'd say exercise your right to carry and sleep in shifts as well, if you're camping

2017-08-07 15:06:42 UTC  

Jumping someone in their sleep is violent extremism, make no mistake

2017-08-07 15:14:21 UTC  

The West end of Richmond is only an hour away for people who need something last minute.

2017-08-07 16:03:50 UTC  

Anti-white terrorism

2017-08-07 16:38:31 UTC  

Go to the gym after work. Or you are fucking up

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2017-08-07 17:00:27 UTC  

Tbh if you're broke and don't want to pay for an overpriced membership just lift in your garage

2017-08-07 17:00:59 UTC  

Pick up a martial art too

2017-08-07 17:01:07 UTC  

Find a sparring bro

2017-08-07 17:01:58 UTC  

Ignore the cringy larping that comes with it, and join SCA heavy fighting. The experience in shield walls and using a club/sword will be invaluable, I am much more handy with a club as a result.

2017-08-07 17:21:25 UTC  

@everyone I need a screenshot and an archive of the Wes Bellamy tweet telling the Antifa group to #Resist our rally

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I'd join the chat if I wasn't working

2017-08-07 17:26:10 UTC  

RIP vasilis 1488-2017

2017-08-07 17:26:18 UTC

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2017-08-07 17:31:00 UTC  

Hey I made a call into the local right-wing radio station this morning to plug the unite the right rally they finally played it over lunch break here. I said quote everyone should be paying attention to the unite the right rally this weekend somebody's got to stand up for free speech and I'm glad I'll be there with these guys to do that un quote
nD media is pretty based tbh FAM

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2017-08-07 17:38:51 UTC  

And here we go

2017-08-07 17:40:57 UTC  

Such bullshit that we even have to keep jumping through these hoops.

2017-08-07 17:49:56 UTC  

Think they shut it down?

2017-08-07 17:55:25 UTC  

Wouldn't shutting it down cause even more chaos fornthe general public? Aren't people bound to show up regardless.

2017-08-07 17:55:32 UTC