Message from Fevs in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-08-03 00:54:41 UTC  

1000 blacks is serious

2017-08-03 00:54:42 UTC  

Plane tickets are expensive. Going to be pissed if I fly down there for nothing

2017-08-03 00:54:44 UTC  

Lol it's funny that they entertain the idea that we'll just cancel our plans

2017-08-03 00:54:52 UTC  

He's been shitting his panties for weeks.

2017-08-03 00:54:58 UTC  

N00B question:

How do I go about getting someone added to this server?

2017-08-03 00:55:04 UTC  

Of course they're afraid. We hold the rally with limited interference, we win. If we end up having to defend ourselves and BTFO commies we win.

2017-08-03 00:55:17 UTC  

Ask in modhelp @GoyMeetsWorld

2017-08-03 00:55:22 UTC  

We win either way.

2017-08-03 00:55:33 UTC  
2017-08-03 00:55:35 UTC  

1k nogs ain't shit. We're white men.

2017-08-03 00:55:43 UTC  

They're fucked either way and they know it. The only way they win is shutting it down (oy) and even then we show up anyway.

2017-08-03 00:55:46 UTC  

We can't lose if our enemies are already losers

2017-08-03 00:55:56 UTC  

Also it's just fun to be at a huge rally with other alt right people.

2017-08-03 00:56:17 UTC  

@Phillip-TX a mass chimpout could result in a riot that could end up in tear gas, and all sorts of shiiiiet.

2017-08-03 00:56:23 UTC  

@Nerv - VA hell yeah

2017-08-03 00:56:53 UTC  

They wouldn't win even then

2017-08-03 00:57:14 UTC  

Tranny said Charlottesville 2.0 is a prelude to a fascist police state. From your lips to god's ears, honey

2017-08-03 00:57:21 UTC  

I fucking wish

2017-08-03 00:57:52 UTC  

It is win win. Best case scenario we can hold our event without fights. Second best scenario is they attack us and show the country that they dont support free speech.

2017-08-03 00:58:11 UTC  

The only way we lose is by not showing up. They know it

2017-08-03 00:58:16 UTC  

Well, one scenario is much much better than the other

2017-08-03 00:58:30 UTC  

They are incapable of carrying out co-ordinated violence with impunity because of VA's no-mask laws, so essentially there is nothing they can do but cry. This attempt at pursuing legal action is their last stand against us...if they fail, we win. Hell, even if they succeed we'll do it anyway and win.

2017-08-03 00:59:17 UTC  

They are shitting themselves over this

2017-08-03 00:59:40 UTC  

Just keep your eyes out for any funny business from them

2017-08-03 00:59:45 UTC  

This isn't over until August 12th

2017-08-03 00:59:53 UTC  

They could try something ANYTIME between now and then

2017-08-03 01:00:18 UTC  

I expect them too, would be surprised if they didn't

2017-08-03 01:01:46 UTC  

oy vey we should have done communist revolution in the 60s the goyim are coming back

2017-08-03 01:02:13 UTC  


2017-08-03 01:02:23 UTC  

I know they were meeting about parking. Did anything come of that?

2017-08-03 01:03:10 UTC  

It Will be a much more dangerous situation if they decide to revoke the permit

2017-08-03 01:03:50 UTC  

I like how they can't admit to themselves that it's the counter protestors that pose the biggest concern

2017-08-03 01:05:03 UTC  

if they revoke the permit we could probly sue the city into the ground. No point in showing up if that happens

2017-08-03 01:06:01 UTC  

They can't shut down the event. If they were able to do it they would have done it a month ago

2017-08-03 01:06:03 UTC  

I don't think we'd be able to make much of a REAL impact with lawyers in that case IMO

2017-08-03 01:06:40 UTC  

@Frederick De Peyrens - VA that's always their entire argument "if these fascist hold a rally, who will keep the community safe from our rioting?"

2017-08-03 01:07:40 UTC  

The city council isn't deciding whether or not we will have a rally, they're deciding whether or not we get to have it LEGALLY

2017-08-03 01:07:58 UTC  

They have to give us the permit

2017-08-03 01:08:28 UTC  

They could do some subversion shit to complicate things

2017-08-03 01:08:45 UTC  

there is no legal way to shut it down