Message from Roscoe in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-07-05 01:28:22 UTC  

Ours felt like pre-game for a championship.

2017-07-05 01:28:31 UTC  

Silly fevs. How have you been?

2017-07-05 01:28:50 UTC  

Pretty good. How about you?

2017-07-05 01:29:28 UTC  

Same. Just spreading my racism and hate one tweet and handshake at a time

2017-07-05 01:29:29 UTC  

Torchlit marches are part of our heritage.

2017-07-05 01:29:38 UTC  

Agreed Bunker

2017-07-05 01:32:17 UTC  

Is there a cleaner burning oil that can be used in the torches instead of the tiki crap?

2017-07-05 01:32:36 UTC  

That was awful last time

2017-07-05 01:34:51 UTC  

Did it agitate your (((sinuses)))?

2017-07-05 01:36:09 UTC  

Have you ever spent time in the middle of 150 torches all burning citronella crap?

2017-07-05 01:36:28 UTC  

I can't imagine it'll be better with the number tripled

2017-07-05 01:36:33 UTC  

Yes I was there. Didn't notice

2017-07-05 01:37:11 UTC  

It's a meme, everybody loves tikis!

2017-07-05 01:37:54 UTC  

Hey at least there wasn't a mosquito problem amirite

2017-07-05 01:38:11 UTC  

Would've preferred mosquitos tbqh

2017-07-05 01:38:12 UTC  

Cept for that large blonde one that got swatted amirite

2017-07-05 01:39:20 UTC  

"A simple oil lamp fuel made from isopropyl alcohol and distilled water will burn in a tiki torch. Pure olive oil or coconut oil will burn clean in a tiki torch and do not require mixing."

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2017-07-05 02:01:34 UTC  

Can someone add MaryProtestant#1436? She's my old lady.

2017-07-05 02:01:39 UTC  


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2017-07-05 02:03:23 UTC  

@Roscoe really? You're a lucky man! It will be great to meet her in person next month!!!

2017-07-05 02:04:14 UTC  

Yeah, she's really excited. She just yelled at me because I never got her added here, lol. She wants to meet more grills in the movement.

2017-07-05 02:04:55 UTC  

Sooooo, if someone has authority, plz add her.

2017-07-05 02:06:33 UTC  
2017-07-05 02:26:10 UTC  

@Roscoe I'll add her

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2017-07-05 02:48:33 UTC  

Eyyyy girl

2017-07-05 03:33:13 UTC  

Tfw CNN is doxxing and holding information for blackmail

2017-07-05 03:38:13 UTC

2017-07-05 03:38:46 UTC  

It has been decreed...
CNN is the new HWNDU
Please handle that information with care

2017-07-05 07:18:44 UTC  

It's still july 4th where I'm at should I chug a 40 ounce

2017-07-05 07:25:03 UTC  

the answer is always yes

2017-07-05 07:25:27 UTC  

but get some cheap wine instead. shits white as fuck

2017-07-05 07:41:47 UTC  

gay as fuck*

2017-07-05 07:43:04 UTC  

not tryna waste my time with 3% piss water. wine is like what, 11%?

2017-07-05 07:44:32 UTC  

Steel Reserve is 8%