Message by Fevs, in Charlottesville 2.0, #general_1

Fevs 2017-08-01 20:34:03
Fevs 2017-08-01 20:34:06

to save you from scrolling

Ignis Faatus 2017-08-01 20:34:10

I agree with you @Athena Marie

Heinz - MI 2017-08-01 20:34:20

Thank you @Fevs

Ignis Faatus 2017-08-01 20:34:33

Heinz we need to let jayoh convert her

Ignis Faatus 2017-08-01 20:34:55

@jayoh there is a dyke that needs patrolled

Heinz - MI 2017-08-01 20:35:11

Is she talking about presenting a fag alliance there

Heinz - MI 2017-08-01 20:35:12


Heinz - MI 2017-08-01 20:35:18

This isn't the election

Heinz - MI 2017-08-01 20:35:27

That shit's not tolerable

Fevs 2017-08-01 20:35:40

I do want to know what she meant by "alliance"

Athena Marie 2017-08-01 20:36:13

It could have been possible before she started screeching about muh dykedom this and you women are weak for making sandwiches

Athena Marie 2017-08-01 20:36:17

bitch please

Heinz - MI 2017-08-01 20:36:18

I will not let her in until she gets patrolled by Jayoh in front of everybody

Athena Marie 2017-08-01 20:36:45

If I was a lesbo, Jayoh would scare me straight

Heinz - MI 2017-08-01 20:36:48

Or I will have a burqa on standby at the entrance

Heinz - MI 2017-08-01 20:36:51

That might be funnier

Fevs 2017-08-01 20:37:04

pls do it

Lawrence - TX 2017-08-01 20:37:57

I didn't even see anyone talking about her, all she had to do was stfu

Lawrence - TX 2017-08-01 20:38:17

Now she's in here talking about cultural Marxism yet she is a byproduct of it and wants us to respect that

Fevs 2017-08-01 20:39:41

I think that was the first time she has spoke in the server

Fevs 2017-08-01 20:39:59

And it was "I'm a dyke and a victim and this strong independent woman will be at UTR"

V I T A L I T Y 2017-08-01 20:40:13

I hadn't seen her mentioned here even once. It's almost like a dyke is liable to blow things out of proportion and perhaps lie...

Ignis Faatus 2017-08-01 20:40:15

Subscribe to the paywall on TRS and watch the woodchippers video

Kurt 2017-08-01 20:41:22

There's a wood chipper video? I am signing up for sure

Hand Banana 2017-08-01 20:42:11

There was a long discussion about her a week or two ago

Hand Banana 2017-08-01 20:42:29

She wasnt blowing thigns out of proportion or lying

Athena Marie 2017-08-01 20:43:59

I wasn't there for that so, with respect, her behavior today just burned her as ever being a potential ally in my book.

V I T A L I T Y 2017-08-01 20:43:59


Ignis Faatus 2017-08-01 20:49:45

Hey Weedcarthy are you eating the gun tonight

Izat - VA 2017-08-01 20:50:58

Frankly this isn't the first time I've heard that altright leadership is too friendly to gays

khaos156-WV 2017-08-01 20:53:59

Yeah, everyone subscribe to paywall.

khaos156-WV 2017-08-01 20:54:23

On another note just finished the new alc-right episode

wyatt 2017-08-01 20:54:25

why do people think there was some round table discsussion between richard spencer , david duke , nathan damigo and jason kessler to allow some crazy dyke to come in the server

khaos156-WV 2017-08-01 20:55:00

lol. This exists?

Athena Marie 2017-08-01 20:55:09

@wyatt she said she isn't even alt-right. why is she even on the server?

wyatt 2017-08-01 20:55:15

i have no idea

khaos156-WV 2017-08-01 20:55:16

David Duke isn't having any of our shit.

WV1987 2017-08-01 20:55:23

No homosexuals of any kind need to be associated with us. What skin do these people have in the game of "our" existence? They wont produce kids, cant produced kids. I really don't get it. This is not the movement for you. Fuck off away from us forever; we already had to deal with that jewish faggot Milo and people thinking he was in our camp. No.

wyatt 2017-08-01 20:55:30

she literally just showed up today and was like

wyatt 2017-08-01 20:55:32