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2017-07-08 18:28:13 UTC  

@everyone This is why you need to bring out numbers for August 12th. If you're not recruiting alredy you need to get on it.

2017-07-08 18:33:11 UTC  

Dear God, these people are pathetic.

2017-07-08 18:33:28 UTC  

Only White people carrying BLM signs

2017-07-08 18:34:32 UTC  

Cucks, cat ladies, and gibs-grabbers, disgusting

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2017-07-08 18:34:57 UTC  

@JacksonSmith - PA/TX Hoteps spread anti-white revisionist history written by left wing Jews like Martin Bernal. As long as they're wedded to that, they aren't an ally

2017-07-08 18:37:19 UTC  

They really aren't. They're just based anti-White niggers who slightly understand the JQ

2017-07-08 18:39:03 UTC  

Right. Jay-Z's latest album is hip to the JQ doesn't make him an ally

2017-07-08 18:44:01 UTC  

A thousand ovens are not enough for these counter-protesters.

2017-07-08 18:59:55 UTC  

Rainbow Gadsen flag. I'm going to puke

2017-07-08 19:02:06 UTC  

@everyone RT this stream! Our guy is getting swarmed by leftists!

2017-07-08 19:02:30 UTC  

kessler he denied knowing you 3 times

2017-07-08 19:02:32 UTC  

very biblical

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2017-07-08 19:03:28 UTC  

You got the twitter link to that periscope?

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2017-07-08 19:12:55 UTC  

Can someone get this up on 4Chan with the #UniteTheRight hashtag?

2017-07-08 19:18:35 UTC  

@MadDimension what are the odds of Tim pool, Lauren and Luke coming. It's shaping up to be a berkley of the east

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2017-07-08 19:20:28 UTC  

mine is better

2017-07-08 19:23:09 UTC  

@everyone please bump threads

2017-07-08 19:23:34 UTC  

@wyatt Please do not ping everyong my friend

2017-07-08 19:24:06 UTC  

uh i will ping whoever the fuck i want if its related to getting the word out about the event

2017-07-08 19:26:46 UTC  

Blow my shit up for some chan threads 👌🏻 kys

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2017-07-08 19:34:21 UTC  

Assemble every motherfucker you can

2017-07-08 19:38:22 UTC  

Yeah that won't end well.

2017-07-08 19:38:46 UTC  

Open carry state. Antifa will be bringing guns. Advocating a Berkeley isn't the best bet

2017-07-08 19:45:37 UTC  

The only remedy is if we're more heavily armed ourselves

2017-07-08 19:52:41 UTC  

^ this is why we need to bring everyone in August.

2017-07-08 19:55:24 UTC  

>when the klan says that all lives matter and blm are the real racists.

2017-07-08 19:55:34 UTC  

I did not expect this.

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2017-07-08 19:57:41 UTC  

That stream

2017-07-08 19:57:56 UTC  

They're swarming around what, 3 people?

2017-07-08 20:00:55 UTC  

I watched the KKK walk in. It's maybe 15-20 hillbillies.