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You actually met last CVille

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Hi guy. I flew the drone while maximum hungover at CVille 1.0 so basically I’m your guy.

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In all seriousness, just shoot me PMs when you need things edited and I’ll see what I can do or refer you to a trusted person with equal capabilities.

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@V I T A L I T Y Will do. Thanks.

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We must rally everyone around the US Constitution - RG Miller

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@Scott Terry lel RG will love that

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Here's an idea for a recolor of the nationalist front logo

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Just more pleasing to the eyes compared to black & white

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@Scott Terry Have we got RG in here yet?

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Charlottesville kike

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in the same video a nigress "pastor" admits the klan rally was a beta test

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"Goldblatt" ...christ

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I need to make parenthesis signs

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Always good to watch

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If we know where they will be coming we should post that stuff up too

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"22 anti racists were arrested by Charlottesville PD this past Saturday at a KKK rally held at the Charlottesville court house.
Many of these brave folks were snatched by police for wearing masks which is a felony in Virginia. This law was created to curb the KKK's anonymous organizing and in a moment of true irony was used against people protesting a pathetic KKK rally.
To further expand, the people "wearing masks" were folks who used bandanas, shirts or rags to try and cover their airways from the noxious tear gas Charlottesville PD deployed onto a peaceful crowd. There is no evidence or any eye witness accounts that anything was other than peaceful. In fact many people chose to turn their backs in protest to the police when they deployed the gas."

Wait they used tear gas?

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@Fevs Yeah to disperse the crowd. I think they were claiming that once the Klan left that the protesters were unlawfully assembling

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They had a cop warn them that he was gonna start using though, I watched it on some stream.

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What do we do if that situation arises against us?

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I mean we have a permit, and as such our assembly will be entirely lawful.

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hypothetically it would make sense to simply follow orders and disperse if you were to ever have tear gas used against you.

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We must always follow the law and reasonable request made by police

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Reasonability does not inherently align with legality

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Good point

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I think certain situation inevitably will arise where civil disobedience will be called for.

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This might not be it, but it's necessary to consider it is coming and be prepared for when it does.

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Rule of thumb: if a cop tells you to do something and it isn't phrased as a question, do it. Arguing the legality of a police action or order on the side of the road is a really bad idea, generally speaking.

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I'm thinking about getting a Hillary hat because I'll be doing video work. Don't want my camera to be broken. What do you think is the best bet?

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Also I have that swag Spencer hair cut so I gotta cover up

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@Herrenvolk - MD I think your best bet is not to use the term "swag"any more, or I will break you camera and you won't have to worry about it.

2017-07-12 18:10:55 UTC