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2017-06-06 04:04:31 UTC  

It'll happen fam

2017-06-06 04:04:34 UTC  

So just curious, is this a general (public) event server?

2017-06-06 04:04:36 UTC  

They're gonna do it

2017-06-06 04:05:19 UTC  

@пидорновичок tbh I'm pretty sure it is so I'd be careful if doxxing can effect you, you never know who's in here.

2017-06-06 04:05:33 UTC  

Baked is effectively one of us. He's just still hanging with that crowd.

2017-06-06 04:06:00 UTC

2017-06-06 04:06:04 UTC  

Baked is an awkward position

2017-06-06 04:06:07 UTC  

Can't wait until this is Charlottesville

2017-06-06 04:06:21 UTC  

For starters, his non-white manager is the one who redpilled him on the jq

2017-06-06 04:07:03 UTC  

i think it's just for vetted orgs

2017-06-06 04:07:18 UTC  

And he's generally stuck in that somewhat hilarious Nazi spin on DR3

2017-06-06 04:07:30 UTC  

"It's the Jews who are the *real* racists"

2017-06-06 04:07:42 UTC  

@пидорновичок This is an invite only server. Right now it's strictly alt-right. If we end up bringing in alt-lite people, we'll talk about how to do it safely since so many of them act like kikes.

2017-06-06 04:07:43 UTC  

David Duke stuff, as much as I love the guy

2017-06-06 04:09:05 UTC  

Does anyone know if Aug. 12 is during fall semester? That will be a major issue. If not, there will be less student opposition

2017-06-06 04:09:41 UTC  

I think its unlikely that any colleges will be starting that soon, but that's a good point

2017-06-06 04:09:45 UTC  

UVA kids are rich as fuck too, so daddy will sue over anything.

2017-06-06 04:09:57 UTC  

I can ask a couple of people I know who go to UVA

2017-06-06 04:10:13 UTC  

Should a week or two before classes start

2017-06-06 04:11:00 UTC  

@Hunter Wallace I think the fall semester on the east coast starts the week of the 21st.

2017-06-06 04:11:01 UTC  

Might get some kids moving in early, but it shouldn't be that bad

2017-06-06 04:11:05 UTC  

People who live in off-campus housing might be moving in around that time, but the majority of students will not be.

2017-06-06 04:11:07 UTC  

That's good. Otherwise, you will have a mob like Auburn or Texas A&M

2017-06-06 04:11:48 UTC  

If it is anything like Auburn, Charlottesville should be a ghost town until fall semester

2017-06-06 04:12:16 UTC  

A lot of kids who live in Charlottesville end up going to UVA

2017-06-06 04:12:18 UTC  

I think Charlottesville still has a pretty heavy student presence in the summer.

2017-06-06 04:12:29 UTC  

top public school, parents are rich

2017-06-06 04:12:36 UTC  

I go there often and it doesn't vary too noticeably.

2017-06-06 04:12:54 UTC  

@Erika that was more why I was asking.

2017-06-06 04:12:57 UTC  

so there will be a moderate presence.

2017-06-06 04:13:20 UTC  

Every Redneck Revolt in the area will be there w/ DC Antifa for sure. This isn't Pikeville so expect more virtue signalling locals affiliated with UVA

2017-06-06 04:13:34 UTC  

I would expect it. Also even apart from college students it is a very leftist town and really multiculti.

2017-06-06 04:13:37 UTC  

@Erika wouldn't want to bully them too hard when we're trying to recruit them

2017-06-06 04:14:03 UTC  

For the south, anyway.

2017-06-06 04:14:12 UTC  

but like for example, I'm in Harrisonburg which is where JMU is and even during the summer right now there is a pretty moderate student body still.

2017-06-06 04:14:14 UTC  

I expect philadelphia antifa to be there also

2017-06-06 04:14:48 UTC  

so I'd imagine Charlottesville will be pretty heavy.

2017-06-06 04:15:35 UTC  

We'll have our most dedicated and best people there, but we give time for Antifa to mobilize with all their funding. Expect conflict.

2017-06-06 04:15:52 UTC  

Yes, you will have Antifa from Philly to Atlanta for sure, plus Redneck Revolt. Logistics will make this a success. We've got to get on that immediately

2017-06-06 04:16:26 UTC  

If I take a safety scissor to the throat, get good pics pls

2017-06-06 04:17:48 UTC  

You will have a warriors funeral @Bjorn_Sigheim - GA