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I wrote a long effort post about this, but now I think I'll just post this picture.

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@WV1987 sorry brother, I may have spoken a tad too harshly

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fuck i missed the natsoc discussion 😦

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I think socialism is only a bad idea when marxist values are added into it, like everybody being equal

like I'm all for socialized healthcare, but not in a system where everybody pays into it the same amount

2017-07-30 12:40:48 UTC  

Socialized healthcare would work just fine in an ethnostate if there were tax cuts for being healthy 😃

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like hey if you can run this certain distance, you dont have to pay as much into your health insurance, since you're probably going to use it less than somebody who can't run

2017-07-30 12:41:58 UTC  

I don't see socialism as promoting bad behavior as long as it's done RIGHT, and not riddled with marxist B.S.

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Jason Kessler handling [REDACTED] like a boss! (just ignore her)

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The problem in the US is the term is rightly irredeemable. I never use it without national in front because it becomes meaningless. Longterm I'm a national mutualist.

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Yeah I am a natsoc, just like using the term socialism alone to try to take it back from the Marxists ;)

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@Mack Albion I did as well, in the end we are brothers in this fight together. We can work out Economics differences after we remove the filth.

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Survive then thrive

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To me Aristotle got it all correct. All modern ideology is just Jews parsing out true political philosophy, chopping it up like a butcher.

2017-07-30 19:36:42 UTC  

@WV1987, I want our people to all be paid fairly and I want our natural leaders to have roles in which they can thrive and explore competitively whilst not living off the labor of others like lazy pigs, that's not good for them or our other brothers.

2017-07-30 19:37:19 UTC  

Whites could do well in any economic system tbh

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Nonwhites mess everything up

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Continuing convo from <#321840769239613453>.... WTF is THIS?

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Average worth of these assholes

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Our whole Jewed up system is FUCKED beyond belief, smells like rotting fucking corpses to me.

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lol VA is not that bad but ever since baltimore chimped out the police have actually attempted to do something about them so they have all fled to VA/WV panhandle areas.

2017-07-30 20:25:52 UTC  

We have really basic bitch democrat politicians out here. WV is better.

2017-07-30 20:26:23 UTC  

Even then though, our home invasions have increased and everything else.

2017-07-30 20:26:48 UTC  

Ugh you're saying the niggers have come to VA/WV?

2017-07-30 20:33:06 UTC  

Yeah. They have been in VA for a while but influx out here even further. Luckily no one likes them and they are isolated to certain areas.

2017-07-30 20:34:11 UTC  

The blacks we had out here two years ago were basically like Carlton from fresh prince

2017-07-30 20:34:17 UTC  

Now we are seeing the crime etc.

2017-07-30 21:19:10 UTC  

>thinking congress matters anyway

2017-07-30 21:19:32 UTC  

The federal reserve dictates how our country is governed. Not congress

2017-07-30 21:20:12 UTC  

I'm sure (((they))) have our best interest at heart, though.