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2017-07-03 05:12:41 UTC  

He's accusing us of "exploiting his name" but it was a harmless mistake

2017-07-03 05:14:06 UTC  

(((his people)))

2017-07-03 05:14:22 UTC  

@Stormer DC There is nothing "Nazi" or pro-white about him. At all.

2017-07-03 05:16:08 UTC  

I'm just relaying what I've heard from people who have interacted with him personally. I tend to agree with you actually. Even if it's true that he is secretly a WN, it doesn't change the fact that he's a cuck for counter signaling us.

2017-07-03 05:16:42 UTC  

He's a WN who wants to cash in on the Patriotard image

2017-07-03 05:17:17 UTC  

He is 1/4 Jewish with hapa kids.

2017-07-03 05:17:18 UTC  

I like the guy honestly but he's in it for fame and shekels

2017-07-03 05:18:13 UTC  

He shouldn't have accused the event of trying to exploit him. I have no control over if TWP makes an error in their promo materials

2017-07-03 05:18:44 UTC  

Also, it's not the fact that he counter-signalled us that pissed me off, it was the WAY he did it.

2017-07-03 05:19:03 UTC  

I'm looking for the deleted screencap right now.

2017-07-03 05:19:13 UTC  

He counter signals us constantly. As for the 1/4 jew this is the first I've heard of that, but doesn;t surprise me tbh and actually explains a lot.

2017-07-03 05:19:37 UTC

2017-07-03 05:19:47 UTC  

Based Stickman is a cuck. It shows that we need to push further right if he is considered "based".

2017-07-03 05:19:50 UTC  

You mean this one?

2017-07-03 05:21:32 UTC  

Google-cucked me.

2017-07-03 05:22:14 UTC  

@SchoolShooterRecruiter Me Too!!! Republicans are the best!!!

2017-07-03 05:23:11 UTC  

@Stormer DC If you want me not to resist something telling me not to because I'll get it worse is not the way to go about it.

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2017-07-03 05:24:07 UTC  

No LARP, I would prank him just for showing that level of disrespect to us.

2017-07-03 05:27:28 UTC  

lol his arm will be fine in 6 weeks

2017-07-03 05:28:48 UTC  

It should

2017-07-03 05:29:32 UTC  

Yeah he's full of shit. Fuck him. i don't care if in private he's full 1488.

2017-07-03 05:30:17 UTC  

He's definitely using the arm excuse to blow us off

2017-07-03 05:30:25 UTC  

He's skeered

2017-07-03 05:30:27 UTC  

What the flying fuck does any of that actually mean? Being and American Nationalist is considered divisive. Globalists and are formly against ANY nationalist preference.

Any chance we can meme this guy into Bitch Stick Man?

2017-07-03 05:31:26 UTC  

Chopstick faggot

2017-07-03 05:50:31 UTC  

"divisive rhetoric" Nah holup Based Stuck Man You got a problemo with white boys sticking up for white boys. And u can't get on board?
Sharpen your stick breh...

2017-07-03 06:05:36 UTC  

@boilerplate told you, man.

2017-07-03 06:24:45 UTC  

The REAL Based Stick Man

2017-07-03 10:37:12 UTC  

Based gook wife man

2017-07-03 12:41:02 UTC  

"Suspected far-right extremists veiled a Holocaust memorial in Lakewood, New Jersey, with a banner displaying an ethnic slur against Jews. It comes amid ongoing police investigation into massive welfare fraud, implicating a local rabbi."

2017-07-03 12:47:38 UTC  

Good play to VA.

2017-07-03 12:48:43 UTC  

I wonder if they would have explained the parenthesis for us if it had said (((You))) will not divide us.

2017-07-03 12:48:51 UTC  

Well done

2017-07-03 12:49:30 UTC  
2017-07-03 12:49:47 UTC  

Jews consider anything an ethnic slur that points out that they are Jewish.

2017-07-03 12:51:40 UTC  

I like how they're offering a 10k reward for info on this "defacement"/"hate crime" when it literally consists of a sheet that these goys probably paid ~$5 for

2017-07-03 13:01:11 UTC  

In a better world one of our guys would tell who did it and claim the reward.

2017-07-03 13:02:48 UTC  

We would have competent lawyers who would represent him pro bono and it would be determined not crime was committed or would have to run the entire concept of a "hate crime" through the legal ringer and show it's garbage political prosecution.

2017-07-03 13:09:59 UTC  

I really like the idea of collecting the rewards from non-crimes to fund our own activity.

2017-07-03 13:14:32 UTC  

That's why they stated they will pay for a "conviction"