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Overcoming my training in American ways for men, which always seem to involve an inferiority complex for husbands and fathers. The latter are always depicted in movies, television and comic strips as stumbling, humbling blow-hards who are so incompetent that they have to be constantly rescued, babied and swindled into survival by their patient and all-knowing 'help-mates'. The carry-over is inevitable and American husbands tend to be far too timid and self-effacing. This behavior in turn further aggravates the tendency of wives to be far too aggressive, businesslike and unfeminine. -GLR

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The age-old secret of women: how to inspire and fill a man with power he could never have alone, just by laying a gentle, warm hand on his cheek and letting him feel her faith flowing outward. -GLR

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Rockwell posting 👌🏻

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It's powerful stuff.

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I'm torn... I want to see what this girl is about and talk and she's extremely pretty but damn...

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Can you turn a ho into a housewife? 🤔

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Perhaps, I don't know. But maybe you can red pill her for the next guy. It's bigger than her. Maybe she knows other women who she can convince not to repeat the mistakes she made if she understood what was at stake.

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^^ tbh

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Statistically speaking you will probably marry someone who has had multiple partners though

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Statistically speaking multiple partners isn't detrimental until 11+

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Yep I was going to say

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>implying I'll ever be happily married anyway

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In all seriousness this girl has me black pilled on women now... fuck this society.

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These kikes shoved it down her throat growing up acting like that will "empower" her.

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All about instant gratification, no one appreciates creating or building anything for the future, not even their own let alone future generations

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To be fair @Americana - MD , didn't you meet her on Tinder?

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Lmao yes

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I wouldn't be that blackpilled. Granted I'm in my early 20s but there's literally millions of women out there

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Oh you're doing it wrong

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You're supposed to use tinder to go R selective

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Impregnate as many as possible

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Sire a platoon

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^^ that's how thots are created

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You know Charlottesville is during move in week @Americana - MD we can go talk to the Christian sorority at UVA

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Yeah it was a joke

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I'm all for increasing our baby rates but you should know that doing that is what destroys women.

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It's usually the niggers

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Don't they abort half their babies?

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Idk maybe. Not enough 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Tinder was supposed to be a gift from the heavens to raise our birthrates but instead it became a platform for niggers to impregnate white women

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So sad

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Pls stop

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I'm so fucking black pilled

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Tinder is trash but you guys come to Baltimore and tell me I'm better off meeting someone in public...

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Go to church