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just so hard to find

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_I get they stopped making them about 8 months later, but c'mon. I can find a radiator for Beast, I should be able to for Dakki._

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_Answer; let us see if they match._

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at what point does a car reminder the same after you replace parts

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2018-07-19 05:07:30 UTC  

like if you replace the windshield it's still that same car

2018-07-19 05:07:42 UTC  

but at what point does it become a new car

2018-07-19 05:08:12 UTC  

_At the point that it does not entail engine replacement, shock, spring, block, cab, bed, leaf, or transmission replacement._

2018-07-19 05:08:38 UTC  

_Past that, it's considered newer._

2018-07-19 05:08:41 UTC  

but if you only replace 1 shock

2018-07-19 05:08:51 UTC  

it's still the same car

2018-07-19 05:09:04 UTC  

_If you replace them with the same thing, then it's not any different._

2018-07-19 05:09:13 UTC  

_If you're like me, you replace everything on that list._

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let's say you replace a broken part with a new one

2018-07-19 05:09:23 UTC  

_With something of greater value and strength._

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at what point is it not considered a vintage csr

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_It's not considered vintage until it hits around 60 years old, if I remember correctly._

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_Both of my cars are considered antique, or some shit._

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_Which is about 20._

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but if you replace the door, it's still a vintage car

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_I've been played-_

2018-07-19 05:11:15 UTC  

it's been "restored"

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_Eh. I'm half asleep, so I do make mistakes like I just did._

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_O'reilly's seems to make more mistakes than even I do...!_

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I learned a week ago that if a car has 4 cylinders misfiring it will still run

2018-07-19 05:13:02 UTC  

I took my car in

2018-07-19 05:13:14 UTC  

and all 4 cylinders were misfiring

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_I once had a friend who was having issues with his truck stalling randomly._

2018-07-19 05:13:48 UTC  

_He just chalked it up to a tune up, since it was about time to do one._

2018-07-19 05:14:01 UTC  

if a RAM 2007 pickup gets to hot it won't shift

2018-07-19 05:14:06 UTC  

_Started pulling the spark plugs out, and discovered one wasn't even bolted in all the way._

2018-07-19 05:14:10 UTC  

I learned that while driving it