Message from Charlemagne MD in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-07-03 19:56:14 UTC  

I usually wear just sunglasses and feel quite comfortable.

2017-07-03 19:56:31 UTC  

I'd rather be sweaty AF than get hit in the head without a helmet

2017-07-03 19:57:33 UTC  

I don't wear anything and I'm highly active, haven't been dox'd(*knocks on wood*). I was one of the honor guards at cville 1.0

2017-07-03 19:58:08 UTC  

The only thing that you need to worry about is if people at home and where you work or go to school find out.

2017-07-03 19:58:37 UTC  

@Nicklis - OH why don't you buy the riot shields of Amazon for the sake of unifromity

2017-07-03 19:59:37 UTC  

why is a 16 year old asking grown men what to do with their money???

2017-07-03 19:59:45 UTC  

@Heinz - MI has experience in shields and came up with our designs. We are making them uniform but also custom built to the individuals size. @Charlemagne MD

2017-07-03 19:59:54 UTC  

Lmao it's a sugestion

2017-07-03 20:00:11 UTC  

You're only 16?

2017-07-03 20:00:16 UTC  

And 16 year old who has had 3 violent altercations with antifa thus far...

2017-07-03 20:00:18 UTC  

just saying bro know your place

2017-07-03 20:00:25 UTC  


2017-07-03 20:01:01 UTC  

It's a suggestion Raph last I checked we can all give those

2017-07-03 20:01:19 UTC  


2017-07-03 20:01:22 UTC  

Because plastic shields are flimsy.

2017-07-03 20:01:32 UTC  

And these only cost ~$20

2017-07-03 20:03:00 UTC  

I'm talking about the kind that nordfront uses

2017-07-03 20:03:04 UTC

2017-07-03 20:03:24 UTC  

Expenses bro

2017-07-03 20:03:33 UTC  

And time

2017-07-03 20:03:41 UTC  

I personally like the ones that the Ukrainian police had during maidan and azov and right sector stole

2017-07-03 20:03:44 UTC  


2017-07-03 20:04:05 UTC  

If I was 16 I wouldn't be asking grown men why they aren't spending their hard earned money in a way that I thought they should for the sake of uniformity is all. Just telling you to have a little courtesy is all brother.

2017-07-03 20:04:33 UTC  

It's just a suggestion Raph take it easy

2017-07-03 20:04:41 UTC  

He's fine. Nothing wrong with questions and suggestions. Happy to answer them.

2017-07-03 20:04:55 UTC  


2017-07-03 20:05:19 UTC  

He is 16 so keep bantzing and hazing

2017-07-03 20:05:27 UTC  

so long as we're all working towards ⛽ ✡ I don't have any problems either lol

2017-07-03 20:06:46 UTC  


2017-07-03 20:07:14 UTC  

Those plastic shields are fine against projectiles but if we are rushed by a crowd they won't be of much use

2017-07-03 20:07:38 UTC  

@Goldstein Riots I can finally be the villain from the music video for Take On Me by A-ha

2017-07-03 20:08:21 UTC  

It's better than nothing, if you're not up front then it'll work great against rocks and bottles.

2017-07-03 20:10:16 UTC  

Fuck the alt light

2017-07-03 20:10:23 UTC  

They need to be humbled

2017-07-03 20:11:15 UTC  

Best revenge is being successful. Keep our heads down and keep growing while they fade into irrelevance

2017-07-03 20:11:30 UTC  

We shouldn't even give them attention. They are like a low energy antifa at this point, they live to engage us.

2017-07-03 20:13:11 UTC  

@AltRightCoast-FL idk fam maybe for this an exception has been allowed. I was specifically speaking with respect to masks. Helmets I'm not sure.

2017-07-03 20:13:33 UTC  

Bring the helmet

2017-07-03 20:13:56 UTC  

Don't get bricked in the fucking head bc of bad advice

2017-07-03 20:14:31 UTC  

This event might be peaceful but probably not. Hope for the best but plan for the worst.