Message from SaintCharles in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-08-12 00:15:19 UTC  

Pride goeth before a fall

2017-08-12 00:15:36 UTC  

There's a difference between standing strong and being retarded.

2017-08-12 00:15:43 UTC  

@everyone we have the police explicit protections

2017-08-12 00:15:48 UTC  

If something happens tonight, they will have all the ammo they need to shut down tomorrow. Risking the main event tomorrow for a tiki torch procession is a terrible mistake.

2017-08-12 00:16:01 UTC  

They will be there protecting us the whole march

2017-08-12 00:16:13 UTC  

I've been to many things with "police protection" The bricks sail right over their heads would you believe it?

2017-08-12 00:16:18 UTC  

torch processions are based

2017-08-12 00:16:20 UTC  

again this is not something id be putting out in open coms

2017-08-12 00:16:23 UTC  

Then stay home

2017-08-12 00:16:23 UTC  

@Quartermaster's Ghost yeah that's antis biggest ay

2017-08-12 00:16:26 UTC  


2017-08-12 00:16:29 UTC  

Odd that the security director knows nothing about police protection

2017-08-12 00:16:35 UTC  

It's about the movement not you

2017-08-12 00:16:41 UTC  

You're committed or not.

2017-08-12 00:16:45 UTC  

TWP will not be joining you

2017-08-12 00:16:49 UTC  

Last I was told the police had no details of the event

2017-08-12 00:16:59 UTC  

I am sure cops are going to crack down on whichever side is the dumbest the fastest

2017-08-12 00:17:06 UTC  

When the rubber hits the road we'll know who to count on

2017-08-12 00:17:06 UTC  

"Hey guys let's ignore the advice of all of our intelligence team, our security team, and our professional subject matter experts just so we can march with tiki torches

2017-08-12 00:17:11 UTC  

It's about all of us and safety. What will tomorrow be like if half of you are hurt or arrested.

2017-08-12 00:17:12 UTC  

No theyre not

2017-08-12 00:17:12 UTC  

So don't risk the big event for a torch march that has been announced on a compromised server.

2017-08-12 00:17:14 UTC  

The security director, who I am sitting next to, says last he knows there was no police presence for this torch procession.

2017-08-12 00:17:26 UTC  

Is there police protection or not?

2017-08-12 00:17:29 UTC  

@everyone We have police protection

2017-08-12 00:17:30 UTC  


2017-08-12 00:17:33 UTC  

And let's post about our specific plans, locations, and approaches in a discord that is known to be compromised."

2017-08-12 00:17:41 UTC  

This is also a terrible fucking discussion to have on an open compromised server.

2017-08-12 00:17:45 UTC  

Stop counter-signaling. You're not helping

2017-08-12 00:17:48 UTC  

Let the situation develop before making a judgement call on the inclination of any 3rd parties.

2017-08-12 00:17:54 UTC  

You're a moron

2017-08-12 00:17:54 UTC  

Stop being a dumb fuck

2017-08-12 00:18:01 UTC  


2017-08-12 00:18:04 UTC  

At this point, just assume neutrality and behave accordingly.

2017-08-12 00:18:05 UTC  

You’re going to get people hurt with misinfo

2017-08-12 00:18:07 UTC  

You're in the movement or not

2017-08-12 00:18:08 UTC  

Your pride will get people killed

2017-08-12 00:18:08 UTC  

Jesus Christ. At this point we need too learn how to shut up and follow orders

2017-08-12 00:18:10 UTC  

You're going to get people hurt and our rally canceled.

2017-08-12 00:18:14 UTC  

You guys are gonna let communist threats let them get a victory

2017-08-12 00:18:15 UTC  

For nothing