Message from Fevs in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-08-01 19:03:35 UTC  

This is retarded. We already had to deal with this fucking problem in the alt right months ago with the Milo shit. No homos.

2017-08-01 19:03:57 UTC  

But you can't expect to go in a room of Traditionalists and yell I'm gay and not expect to get shit

2017-08-01 19:04:03 UTC  


2017-08-01 19:04:04 UTC  

@HueTheHand Yeah a faggot asking for attention and playing the victim, who would've guessed right?

2017-08-01 19:04:40 UTC  

In that case, I stand corrected.

2017-08-01 19:04:45 UTC  

Are we still burning the gay pride flag? I feel like this is more important now than ever

2017-08-01 19:05:00 UTC  

Are you white <@323220344397758466> ?

2017-08-01 19:05:20 UTC  

Yeah she is a skinny white girl

2017-08-01 19:05:20 UTC  

She's white.

2017-08-01 19:05:57 UTC  

Tfw you're contributing to the genocide of our people by giving into the kike and making the choice to be homosexual

2017-08-01 19:05:59 UTC  

She did come out of nowhere, but to play devil's advocate, she was attacked in this chat beforehand.

2017-08-01 19:06:04 UTC  

Tfw when I see the same people that wanted to burn pride flags, want one to be there

2017-08-01 19:06:06 UTC  


2017-08-01 19:07:03 UTC  

I'm so confused.

2017-08-01 19:07:05 UTC  

@Fevs Can't mention the daily Stormer? Whose bright idea was that?

2017-08-01 19:07:11 UTC  

My opinion: take it for what it's worth.... if <@323220344397758466> isn't actively walking around hitting on the wives and girlfriends or handing out pro-fag fliers, who the fuck cares. There's going to be hundreds of people there I've never met or talked to and may never talk to after. Let me be clear I hate fucking faggotry and I hope that somehow, someway this woman sees the light and realizes that this lifestyle is a dead end. But I'm not going to push against someone standing at the rally for white identity and going about their business later.

2017-08-01 19:07:18 UTC

2017-08-01 19:07:26 UTC  

Of course she was attacked. We are against homos in this movement. What, are we supposed to be nice if a jew decides to show up too?!

2017-08-01 19:07:28 UTC

2017-08-01 19:07:30 UTC  

This is her

2017-08-01 19:07:31 UTC  

Azzmador was told that if he gave a speech he wasn't allowed to mention the Daily Stormer @Fyodor

2017-08-01 19:07:39 UTC  

What the actual fuck

2017-08-01 19:07:45 UTC  

Just cuck my life into pieces

2017-08-01 19:08:11 UTC  

Yet we have lesbos using the event as a platform

2017-08-01 19:08:33 UTC  

@SpencerReesh she shouldn't be welcome because of the fact that she made dykedom her schreeching point. That is her whole identity

2017-08-01 19:08:55 UTC  

No one would have cared if she would have kept it to herself

2017-08-01 19:09:02 UTC  


2017-08-01 19:09:07 UTC  

@Athena Marie True. If that's her mission then what the total fuck

2017-08-01 19:09:19 UTC  

<@&321389309162815488> Why are we counter signaling or at least no platforming our largest friendly media outlet?

2017-08-01 19:09:26 UTC  

But now, she's the self appointed voice for all Dykes and we must make room for her in the alt right or we are mean bigots

2017-08-01 19:10:01 UTC  

Choosing to be gay is choosing to be a race traitor. Case closed.

2017-08-01 19:10:02 UTC  

Yeah , no. This is why I use the swastika.

2017-08-01 19:10:57 UTC  

We obviously need to shift the Overton window some more of we are accepting open dykedom. Time for Swazi tattoos and bowlcuts boys!!!

2017-08-01 19:11:06 UTC  

What's the point of "Unite the Right" if we are going to counter-signal and no-platform The Daily Stormer, that's not uniting, that's blatant dividing

2017-08-01 19:11:11 UTC  

Wanting gay people in a white ethno state is just as bad as being an extreme civic nationalist.

2017-08-01 19:11:28 UTC  

Don't punch right fam

2017-08-01 19:11:35 UTC  

@here apparently the new motto it "GTK-RWN but Gay is OK"

2017-08-01 19:12:06 UTC  

Who invited the bull dyke

2017-08-01 19:12:09 UTC  

When did anyone talk about countersignalling or no platforming the stormer?

2017-08-01 19:12:27 UTC  

Because there's literally a DS role on the server

2017-08-01 19:12:37 UTC  

It's sounding like it's on a special do not mention list.