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2017-07-13 14:20:50 UTC  

Or a Long Knife Emoji?

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the only emoji that matters

2017-07-13 14:21:37 UTC  

The bowlcut of St. Dylann Roof

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That's not what net neutrality is, I think. Afaik it's more along the lines of websites and services being able to pay ISPs to allow more bandwidth for their sites / ISPs being allowed to charge some websites and services more if they exceed a certain bandwidth

2017-07-13 14:28:57 UTC  

I could see that happening as well

2017-07-13 14:29:15 UTC  

It's not about blocking specific sites, but rather giving more resources to some. Net neutrality bill prevents ISPs from being able to do this

2017-07-13 14:30:55 UTC  

IE ISPs want to charge services like Netflix more and/or services like Netflix want to be able to pay a premium for higher bandwidth and net neutrality would prevent that

2017-07-13 14:34:31 UTC  

The reverse would also hold true though. Imagine daily stormer with massively throttled bandwidth, and having to pay ISPs to give readers more than 90s dialup speeds on the site.

2017-07-13 14:35:13 UTC  

Exactly. That is the type of thing people AGAINST net neutrality are worried about

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2017-07-13 14:35:54 UTC  

Reverse that

2017-07-13 14:36:04 UTC  

People supporting* net neutrality

2017-07-13 14:36:29 UTC  

Axing net neutrality right now would be akin to repealing the first amendment tomorrow because the kikes benefit from free speech. Maybe so, but it's in our interests to have it right now.

2017-07-13 14:37:43 UTC  

It's in our interest that ISPs not be allowed to pick and choose which sites to dedicate more resources to

2017-07-13 14:39:06 UTC  

The internet is the wild fucking west and I aim to keep it that way

2017-07-13 14:40:27 UTC  

Yep. Even if we need the government to force ISPs to keep it that way haha

2017-07-13 14:41:11 UTC  

The problem arises that Net neutrality AND the ICANN handover occurred at the same time. That combined is how they are really going to kike Daily Stormer, TRS, etc.

2017-07-13 14:42:24 UTC  

They are likely to start making sites pay to keep their domain registration and the UN or some other extra national body will selectively impose Hate Speech terms.

2017-07-13 14:42:53 UTC  

Well that's a whole other issue

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Watch this hand silly Goy, and notice not the other preparing to slit your throat.

2017-07-13 14:44:29 UTC  

Both hands are holding knives. One hand is immediately a threat, and something that can be stopped.

2017-07-13 14:46:00 UTC  

While the other is still killing you.

2017-07-13 14:47:06 UTC  

So we just lay down and die?

2017-07-13 14:48:13 UTC  

If they're going to use ICANN to take down our sites, it doesn't really matter if ISPs can throttle traffic or not.

2017-07-13 14:50:39 UTC  

I don't think they can use ICANN to take down any of our sites, tbh.

2017-07-13 14:51:02 UTC  

Yeah highly doubtful

2017-07-13 14:51:37 UTC  

Realistically if they tried it the UN would piss and moan but nothing would happen because the UN generally can't or won't do dick

2017-07-13 14:52:52 UTC  

Just watch.

2017-07-13 14:53:04 UTC  

I'll believe it when I see it

2017-07-13 14:53:20 UTC  

International (((Normative))) hate speech rules are going to start being a common topic

2017-07-13 14:53:26 UTC  

@Tyrone I'm just trying to understand your reasoning here. Suppose you're correct. What course of action are you suggesting?

2017-07-13 14:53:51 UTC  

Or are you just saying we're fucked it's over go home?

2017-07-13 14:54:41 UTC  

I'm not saying there's a solution outside getting enough normies to start screaming about internet free speech like they do about "muh Guns!!!""

2017-07-13 14:55:18 UTC  

they already do they call 'em libertarians

2017-07-13 14:55:56 UTC  

libertarians love their net neutrality because muh free market

2017-07-13 14:56:12 UTC  

This is why as much as OUR goals need to be pushed via a post-political model we have to surreptitiously invade Republican, conservative, and libertarians circles.

2017-07-13 14:56:43 UTC  

Libertarians have been invaded by establishment leftist

2017-07-13 14:56:59 UTC  

They have no real power and think they are cool rebels